What’s up everyone? Blogging 101 has a done a whole lot for us especially bringing us together and making us better. Branding is not as easy as I thought it’ll be but I’m on my way there. I want to introduce a feature not so new but new to this blog, it’s a feature you can refer to and a feature you can look forward to.


Today, I introduce to you, *drumroll* “Confab Fridays!!!” *screams*  Guess what that means, First of all, the word confab (n) is to have an informal “private” conversation or discussion with someone. Last of all, Friday…well we all know what Friday is. No you don’t? *Sigh*, it’s the day of the week before Saturday following Thursday -___- are we good to go now? Great!


You ask, what is confab Fridays all about? It’s all about you and I. It’s the day of the week where I post my conversations with people and also a day where I can throw out questions and would like to know your take on them. Confab Fridays will feature everyone, it’ll be both inspiring and motivational, it’ll also be humorous and factual. It’ll feature photographers, bloggers, musicians, artists, illustrators, shoppers and even instagrammers! So Yes, I was serious when I said everyone.


Cofab Fridays will focus more on people 13 to 30 years old because I like to think that’s the phase in life where people begin taking life long decisions but it will also feature people who are above 30 because a wise man once said to me, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.”



Why confab Fridays?


I’m seriously considering pasting on my forehead that learning and sharing what you’ve learned is beautiful. It’s a wonderful experience to talk to people and see things through their eyes. Sometimes we just have to be in the middle of the cardinal points, that way, we can see every direction and choose which to follow. Another wise man once said to me, “When you stop learning, you start dying”.  Boy, have wise men said a lot to me lol


Oh before I forget, you will be able to find confab Fridays in the menu above under the category “lifestyle”.


I know confab Fridays will be worth it for both of us and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will and are willing to contribute to make it a feature to look forward to each week.



So what next? Don’t just read this post, set a reminder, like, comment your ideas or contributions, do something! I know you’re not a veggie 😌😌😌😌😌




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