“Talking to the person you’re having issues with is one step further to resolving the issue . Keeping it all in can just stir more trouble .”

   Over the weekend I met two girls at an event . Let’s call the first girl Grey and the second girl Melanin. Apparently Grey heard somewhere that Melanin had started a group chat and made the sole purpose of the group chat her because of a boy(let’s call him Brown). Melanin’s friend, Downey, asked her previously at the event if she had problems with Grey because she was confused when Grey left an alarming comment about the whole issue . Melanin was equally confused and assured her friend that she didn’t have any issues with Grey. So later when Grey started eyeballing Melanin at the event and telling a lot of people about the whole issue , I advised Melanin to go and sort things out with Grey because that’s the only way the issue could have been resolved .  Melanin did at the end and long story short they resolved the issue . This story just shows that confronting issues is the best way to solve them and avoid bad mouthing others or spreading what’s not.

This week, resolve it all to free yourself.

Meanwhile, Blogging 101 has come to an end, now we have to graduate and all, I don’t wanna cry and sniff so I’m just gonna be like I don’t really care lol but hey! guess what? We still have each other as close as ever. At least that’s one great thing about this university, the connections we made will be long lasting. How has it been for you? Was it worth it?
To me? Oh yeah it was amazing and totally worth it!

       Have a wonderful week ahead!


*This post was assisted by Betty Davies.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Spur – Quote Of The Week

  1. I was just having this conversation yesterday with my friend and her grandma! We had tied it to the whole Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift misunderstanding where the media and people’s comments completely turned it into a cat fight is read of focusing on the issue that Minaj was trying to point out about the music industry.

    Definitely on a personal level, I do try to keep a problem between myself and the person. As a general rule if I do need advice or to vent my dad or best friends or boyfriend (if they are not involved directly in the “confrontation”) is who I turn to before speaking to the person. It helps center me and usually makes me see that there are some errors in my ways too. 🙂

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    1. That’s true but in cases where a third party doesn’t understand the problem with you and someone, things might get ugly. We all have errors and we need people to help us see them. Valid point Michelle. Thanks x

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  2. There were many times in my life when I had let issues fester and I felt 10 times worse. You’ve made an excellent point. Many saints have advised that we should discuss any issues instead of hiding from them. Then, there will be resolution and forgiveness. Also, congratulations on completing Blogging 101.

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