Well, I featured someone super cute and special. She’s a young model in Nigeria. She just celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of August. The past week, I got to have a chat with her, I asked her a few questions, she asked her a few questions lol and she answered them all. She basically just talked about herself and being a model in Nigeria.

Me: Introduce yourself.

Myever: I’m Myever Akinleye. I’m 16 years old.

Me: So you’re a model, why did you choose to model?

Myever: Actually I never had it in mind to model, I was practically forced to be a model, and now I enjoy modeling lol 😉

Me: Okay, then why did you think you were fit to be a model despite being forced?

Myever: In this recent generation that we live in, if you’re skinny and tall and have “the face” you’re fit to be a model, and I had all of these going on with me, so I knew that I’m fit to be a model.

Myever Elite 20140406_130019

Me: Would you consider yourself healthy or starving to keep up the “model physique” ? What’s your diet like?

Myever: Well my diet, first in the morning after brushing my teeth I drink a glass of water then 30 minutes later I eat my breakfast, then lunch, post-lunch lol and then dinner, so I can say I’m healthy.

Me: More or less yeah. How about your beauty routine, as a model you should have make up on about 80% of the time.

Myever: Well, I don’t really have a beauty routine, I wash my face Morning and night, and you can’t catch me on makeup if I’m not on the runway or photoshoots, I let my face breathe, but I think you can classify all I’ve said as a beauty routine .


Me: Do you have any goals set in this industry?

Myever: Yes I do, and that is to be on the major runways on the world and be on the cover of vogue, vmagzine and the other major covers 😉

Me: Who is your role model in the industry?

Myever: My role model, uhh has to definitely be Tyra banks because she’s a model living legend and the way she loves upcoming models is amazing. FB_IMG_1438935083761

Me: What motivates you?

Myever: Hmmm, seeing someone succeed really motivates me.

Me: Would you consider the Nigerian Modelling industry easy to break into?

Myever: Well yes , the modeling industry in Nigeria is a very flexible one, it’s very easy to break into, these days you just see some people that are not even model standard and they’re modeling in Nigeria. FB_IMG_1438935057667

Me: Any advice to younger people your age who’d like to go into Modelling?

Myever: Believe in yourself, ask yourself if modeling is really what you want and you should never play/work with other people’s time.

Me: Thank you Myever, you’re such a darling.

Myever: You’re welcome.   Don’t forget to like or leave a comment. *wink* Blog Signature

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