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Sunday Quote – #LovingYourSelfie

People often wish they were like others in terms of looks or character. When reality dawns on them that they aren’t like those people and might never be, they begin to beat themselves up and the people around them. It really shouldn’t be. It’s okay to admire people and have role models and mentors but wanting to change everything about your being is not okay. There’s something in you that’s not in another person.


The first and most important step to loving yourself is accepting yourself for who you are, who you are not, what you have and what you have not. If you do, then there is no one you wouldn’t be able to accept.

The next step is improving on your self critic. The voice in you that speaks to you. Looking in the mirror and speaking to yourself. The truth is, you are what you are because of you. You are what you feel and you are who/what you say you are. Positive talks yield positive outcomes.

The good thing about loving yourself:

If you love yourself, you’d love your neighbour. You would put every single action your about to take against them into consideration. You would ask yourself, “would I appreciate this if it were me?”, “would this hurt me if someone said this to me?” “Can I give what I can’t receive?” etc

If you love yourself, you wouldn’t change yourself into someone else.

If you love yourself, YOU will be the standard not society.

If you love yourself, you will be able to identify and stand for who you are.

If you love yourself, you will be ORIGINAL.

There is a thin line between love, vanity and obsession. Be careful so your “self love” doesn’t become self centeredness or selfishness. You need to learn how to define the lines. You need to learn how to love yourself. Loving yourself makes God happy, makes you younger, happier, raises your self esteem and makes other people happy.


If you can love you, you can love me. Take these words and take hold of your week!

Have a blessed week!


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