In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Beneath My Feet
Beneath My Feet

This is what happens – when the roads are bad, holes are made. When rain falls, puddles are made. Cars are affected, human beings are affected.

They do this, the “considerate” people around. This is how It’s done – They take old blocks and tiles, break them to bits and fill up the holes. When is good not good? They break them a little to big perhaps.

It’s hard to get by on foot, you have to be careful you don’t ruin your shoes. Are you putting on high heels? Forget it. You best find someone to lift you up your feet. It’s bad enough that we on flats are trying to get by wobbling, how would you get by? You must posses some kind of power.

How about cars? It depends really. It only gets tougher for the smaller cars. Do you own a big car? You’re good to go.

One good thing about these stones is the fact that someone actually thought of making life easier. Maybe, the only not so good is the manner in which actions were taken.

Does this happen in your area as well?



2 thoughts on “Rocks To Tread

  1. It’s sure happen in my area the only difference is that the holes are filled with clay sand and when it rains everywhere gets messing. No fancy shoes, rubber slippers, shoes or sandals becomes the other of The day 😊

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