Last week was one that I’ll remember for a very long time. It was calm, cold and fun. Social media free, device free, camping in the the middle of trees, hills, morning fog and coal darkness. Music, dance and great company with the people at Solid Camp.

I never imagined it the way I experienced it. The last time I attended the camp before now was six years ago and then it was hosted in a school’s compound. This time it was very different, my sister went last year but her descriptions were nothing like what I met. A lot of courage, a lot of faith and the grace of God was what protected us.

Cold nights, early rising, late sleeping, red and dusty grounds, the morning rush to bathe ugghh I loved it. My platoon members and monitors were the best. Mr Cyril is an amazing, down to earth ย and super interesting person. Miss Grace like my camp mummy and Mrs Deola a humble soul. They were all simply amazing. Aunty Toyosi my wonderdul sister I never knew I had until this year and Nehita, Niyi, Ifeanyi, Elizabeth, Amiola, Felicia, Abigail, Adetayo, Tega, Nomso, Tobi, Livingstone, Deborah, Ajike, Tosin, Esther, Wale, Ore, Rebecca, Becca, Tomisin, Ayo, Success, Nancy, Kola, Kehinde, Taiwo and Korode my ever vibely platoon members…to name a few, it’s so hard picturing and naming. I met beautiful people like Tega (yes, a different person), Dabira, Esther, Ijeoma, John, Pelumi, Yinka, Aramide and a lot of others in other platoons as well.

It didn’t end there. Has there existed any camp without a love story? Successful or unsuccessful? That one is aside for now, it’s too early to spill the beans that is not even there…yet ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Powered up! That was this year’s theme. It was electrifying, transforming, adaptive, current flowing, fused, and energetic. My life bulb was lit. Now it’s shining brighter than it did before. I was glad I went.

Next year is another year, it’ll be the 25th anniversary of the camp so yes I’m inviting you, you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in this world, not even pizza or a date with the weekend!

As for pictures, well…that’ll come at a later date because you remember, device less? I’d have to rely on the camp photography team. Then I’d repost each lovely photograph for you all to see.

Welcome To September!!


The end of the third quarter is here, we have one more to go before we say buh-bye to 2015. Stay empowered this September. May God bless you and keep watch over you this new month.

I’m back to my blogging home and I’m powered up! I’ll reply each and everyone of your endearing messages while I was off blogging. It feels good to know that you have me in your thoughts even if it might be at the back back back back back lol

Now, back to the data finishing, battery sucking group chat my platoon members created.

Until the next post and after,

Stay powered up!

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15 thoughts on “Reminsce – September

  1. Hmmmm my own very special mauve I miss you all and I sure was blessed working with you guys.I learnt a lot from you all God bless. I am equally staying powered up and I pray you all equally stay powered up….Love stories I wanna hear cos I think I have my own dossier*winks*


    1. Did I say love story? 😂😂 Somebody read wrong, my lips are sealed ๐Ÿ˜ณ
      Thank you too, you’re an amazing person. I thank God for people like you everyday. โค


  2. Sharon! You didn’t mention you blog! This one is cow-level beef!!! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Really though, I’m proud of you. Scratch that โ€”ย I’m super proud of you. And you write SO evocatively! And did I mention your blog is pretty โ€” like you?


    1. You didn’t ask me o, it’s not like I would have carried Microphone to announce, “Hello everyone, I have a blog!!” 😂😂
      Mr Ayo, do me a favour please? Un beef that beef lol
      And duhhh duhhh duhhhhhh I know my blog is pretty but I’m prettier 💁💁💁 haha thank you 💕

      Liked by 1 person


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