I was having a random conversation with some friends on sunday. We were talking about some things that just take the words out of us. Things that annoy us. They could be things people do or the things they don’t do.  Do you know what they’re called? No? They’re called PET PEEVES and you have them too.

Well, generally, a pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree as others may find it.


I think I have an endless list of pet peeves but I’ll list a few:

1.  Teenagers who call other teenagers immature (I’m sorry you’re soo mature I’ll mature at my pace, thank you)

2.  When people ask if someone has two heads. (Yes. An invisible one that only I can see)

3.  Word that comes before movement or movement before words on skype, because…terrible network connection.

4.  When someone reads out loud when typing/writing something in a quiet place. (I honestly believed there was something like “reading in your mind”)

5.  When someone present asks a question that has already been answered in a gathering.

6.  When people play their song on loudspeaker without asking. (Holla! Did someone call for a dj?)

7.  Repeated tapping eg on my shoulder, arm, back, a chair i’m seating on etc (I was created a human being, not a basket ball)

8.  Whn ppl typ lyk ds <– I min whts so hrd n typn lyk –> THIS!! It made your brain hurt yeah? My point exactly.

9.  When someone calls my name or says something I didn’t get then I respond but the person says “don’t worry”. (Oh no you didn’t, you’ll answer me)

10. When young people in front of me occupy the walk way then walk oh so slowly.

11.  When someone changes the tv channel without an excuse. (Are you s…?!)

12. People telling me the plot of a movie I haven’t seen without me asking them for it. (You’re excited about it, I get that)

13.  People pleading with toddlers.

14. Hypocricy

15. Conversation killers.

16.  Trash talking my country.

17. Replying a message 10 minutes and beyond later after you’ve read it. Or when it can be seen that you’re online.

18. Teenagers who go on and on about “Kush, Money, Girls/guys”. (There’s more to life 😒)

19.   Calling things someone else likes as outdated, childish, weird etc.

20. Ill concealing of brow bone and lips.

21. That eeky, screechy like sound made from objects eg when a chair is dragged on the ground.

22. People who do not see the beauty in Marco Reus lol.


Did I do 22 or 44 pet peeves? Don’t tell me your pet peeve is listed here. Oh I almost forgot, I have 1 excluded pet peeve…when people have things in common with me 😐😐😐 I’m kidding.

I have an endless list to be honest so I’d leave the rest for you. What are your pet peeves?


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