Hello beautiful one, so you were just going to pass by without saying hello? certainly not!

Let’s talk a little bit, guess what I did today…

Today I went polyvoring!!! You may or may not know what that is but i’ll tell you. Polyvoring is the act of exploring polyvore. I entered the latest fashion contest on polyvore, “Micro Minis” and I also came across a few sets I liked.

I’ll begin with my sets, here are the sets I used in entering the contest:

SET #1

tumblr_nv501erGth1qjkthko1_540 SET #2


SET #3


Other sets I liked were:

  1. Micro Minis by Sarah


2. Life Changes by Kylaaa


3. Skirting the issue by Amanda Renee


4. Micro Mini Skirts by Maria Maldonado


5. Micro Minis by Natsia


6. Senza titolo #1190 by Jane Watson


7. 359 by Guills1


8. Micro Minis 5 by Chloe Pop


Are you loving these looks as much as I am? Polyvore is a beautiful place.

Which of my sets do you most like? Don’t as me, I like them all that’s why I posted them.

Okay, enough of the chit chat, you may continue passing by.

PS – You can check out my polyvore profile here on www.shariieemauve.polyvore.com to view my other sets.

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