Being the first, this is a “let’s be friends” beyond the blogosphere confab. Hello, nice to meet you, what do you think?

Have you followed me on social media? I’m quite the social butterfly.

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I’m on twitter, oh yes. My username’s @SharonMauve


Of course I’m on Instagram too, what do you take me for? My profile is @Nton_

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Oh my, oh my. This is my Pinterest  profile, @Fabulosharon

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Well, I’m also on the go. My Snapchat is @ShariieeMauve. That’s not a link, lol duhh but you can add me on snapchat.

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Then there’s Google plus, my profile is +SharonNtan


This is my photo blog for daily fashion inspirations. My profile is Shariieemauve

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I’m on Facebook as well, my profile is Sharon Mauve Ntan

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This is my main fashion & oddities blog. My profile is 19Before97

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Lastly but not the least is my email. You can contact me for whatever you may need if you want to be formal and what not at


That’s about it all. I’m as active as an eagle on these networks. I almost never miss a message. So why not stop by? Follow meeeeee, I follow back 😘


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