I’ve made my decision. I’m bringing back “Summary of the past days of my week”. LOL how can I abbreviate it to talk about, SOTPDOMW? or SOPDW? or SPDMW?

Well, SPDMW (I settled for that)is a weekly feature I used to do. Slowly and unexpectedly, I found myself not doing it any longer. Now, I intend on bringing it back. During blogging 201, when I did a back check on my weekly features and their traffic, I realized that SPDMW was doing excellently. So why not?

That said, SPDMW will be posted every Saturday evening. It’s the feature for those who may have missed the previous posts during the week and it’s for the things I did that weren’t posted. It  will feature what I did during the week, what new I learned, what new I discovered, where new I went, who new I met etc and stuff like that.

Again, I hope you enjoy this not so new direction and are enthusiastic about it as I am.

Thank you for reading my blog and following.

As far as today is concerned, there’s no SPDMW but the re-introduction of it.

I hope you’re having a Fab weekend!!

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