I relaunched my blog on the 1st of July after a long long while of swimming in writer’s block and transferring data from my former blog host to wordpress.

This became my new home. It seemed a tad bit scary because since both hosts are totally different and I admit I’m a novice when it comes to these things yet I wanted to do it all by myself, I guess transferring my blog fans and views to this place was a lot more work. All I could transfer myself were my posts.

It was like starting from the scratch. Sometimes, starting from the scratch can just be what you need to get your feet. I relaunched into this blogosphere and it’s been bea-u-ti-ful!!

That’s because you visit me, ohh such love.

I really just want to say thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t know that “all that” might be but even if my blog may not be “all that” you still visit.

From July up till now,

Thanks to you all my 829 constant viewers. Thanks to all 2000+ views of my posts. Thanks for the 101+ comments. Thank God for Thursday which is my most popular day.

Thanks to you for my most popular posts:

  1. Rocks To Tread
  2. 19before97? I mean, what is that?
  3. Snapshot Story
  4. #ConfabFridays – Code of Silence by Ibifubara Betty Davies
  5. An Open Letter: To Everyone In Blogging U and Out
  6. Reminisce – September
  7. Half and Half
  8. Goodbye Rainbow
  9. Inspiration: The Butterfly
  10. Rupi Kaur – In a State of Eunoia

And my popular about page , I wonder what’s about it that makes you like it.

To Felicity of lykaquin, to Adebisi of FeminineMaterz and to Arielle of With All My Affection , thanks for liking and commenting. It feels good to know that you’re on this journey with me. You make me happy.

What else, what else? Thank you and have a good weekend.


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