The past days of my week I almost can’t remember the events. All I can really remember is the bulk of work thanks to school. Essay this, speech that, group this and individual that. It’s crazy.

Top tip: If you want to keep up with all your assignments and tests but you’re confused on steps to take, just start with a reminder. Set your calendar. Mark your calendar. It could be on your phone or it could be in a book or it could be an actual calendar printed paper.

Make sure you put it where your eyes will always meet it, if possible set an alarm on your phone as well. Make your marked calendar your wallpaper if you have to. That way, you’d always be ahead of time. It’ll really help you with forgetfulness, procrastination and your grades.

Now what happened last week even,

I listened to and downloaded a beautiful song because I fell in love with it. It’s “One day closer to you” by Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Download it too.

Nothing too dramatic, even if I was looking for action, I didn’t happen to find it 😢 but I took pictures…as always.


You see this selfie below, before this selfie, I’m so sure I quoted John Donne’s “The Sun Rising” beginning to the end. The sun was something else!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
An after Sunday selfie with two of my sisters.

This selfie below, I think I just had lunch with Ayo in the cafeteria and I was testing the lighting.




And this below, okay I’m right. After lunch selfiness with Ayo featuring daylight and smiles.

IMG_20151104_152319 IMG_20151104_152313


Does it happen to you that some days you just can’t take good looking selfies or pictures in general no matter how hard you try? That was the case yesterday for me, I was looking so natty in school, all I wanted to do was take pictures but everyone I took I deleted because someway and somehow , something wasn’t right and I blame it on poor lighting.

Bottom Tip: Before you take ANY pictures, check the lighting situation.

As seen online, may the fab be with you!


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