Just in case you’re having a bad day today, I hope your day is brightened even if it’s just a tad bit after seeing our Monday faces.

Sharon and Ayo
Ayo and I (how many people are this excited on a Monday morning?)

Let’s see, what happened last week?

Monday was a normal day, after school I pretty much spent it with my meny ments Bimpe (you should know her by now), she’s a really odd creature, it’s unreal.

Bimpe doesn't even know how to pose for aa picture, look at her trying to form "unlooking"
Bimpe doesn’t even know how to pose for aa picture, look at her trying to form “unlooking”

Tuesday, Tuesday, was the day of my speech presentation in class, it was more like a group work kind of thing so we all dressed in black and sturvs. Black is not for this Nigerian weather, let me not even mention how I wore BLACK THICK COTTON pop socks with my BLACK dress.

  • TIP 1: If you love to walk around like me, avoid wearing black in Nigeria, if at all you do just STAY IN. The sun is not your friend.

Something funny also happened, I paid a man money for something not knowing my food receipt was in between the money, that was how the man just gave me that side eye with a smirk and said, “so you dey play baba ijebu”. I was stunned because I didn’t even know what that was and I was like, “What? No”. Later on I asked my brother what that was and he was just laughing, apparently “baba ijebu” is the street name for something like a Lotto. It was too funny, that is how that man has gone like that thinking I play “baba ijebu” lol

Wednesday, I wore a white blazer to school, who sent me? I did. I was feeling myself because I didn’t have a white blazer before now and when I finally added it to my collection, it was looking on point. So I wanted to ‘flex’. That was when heat and dust decided to be attracted to me.

  • TIP 2: Avoid white in Nigeria unless you’re going to be indoors throughout, the dust is not loyal. And blazers too, the heat is not loyal.
Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
Alexis and I (you can see how my white blazer pops in B/W)

Thursday, I woke up the happy child that I am. That’s how I went to greet my parents in their room, before my greeting had landed and settled down, my dad said to me, “I’m tired of seeing this grass on your head”.

Maybe it was the way I packed it up, look at it below, does it look like grass?


At first I was like…

images (5)


images (3)


images (2)

Then later on I was like…


So that evening as I returned from school, it was goodbye bob just like it was Goodbye Rainbow a few months ago. After all, it’s not my money I will use to make the new hair.

Before you move on, let’s take 5 seconds to appreciate the bob after reading this…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
It will be missed

Thank you. Moving on…

Friday, ohhh yes I was waiting for Friday, don’t we all?
It was a simple casual day, I wore a black face cap over my unmade hair (in reference to TIP 1 above, by avoid black, I meant dresses and trousers and blazers, all that heavy stuff). That was how some people were like, “I gotta have that cap”, “shey you will give me”. I was now confused, I told them maybe I’d have to do King Solomon’s system of the splitting suggestion or no one gets it.
It was a lovely day though, I ended it with Aiseosa (Ice cold), Kelechi, Akin and of course, Ayo bebe (you should know Ayo by now too -_-)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Aiseosa is a terrible photographer, can you tell?

Saturday? I spent it at the salon basically. I left home late so I finished my hair later in the evening.
I want you to see my new hair, which is something simple, that’s why I’m showing you this cuteness overload picture with Fisayo of Wear Me Out. It was scheduled for Snapshot story 7 which is next week as you may know, but that’s the advantage you get for being 19B97 dedicated readers and…gaugers and…stalkers.

Hello High School Inspired Hair!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Cute or nah? Hi Fisayo!!!


Read the Sunday Quote for this week if you haven’t yet.

Last week was weird but lovely.

“May the fab be with you”

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