Since this week began, how many new words have you learned? Oh wait, you think you know English very well.

That was how on Tuesday my lecturer said the word, “Triumphalism”, I won’t lie, it did sound like an odd word so I had to look it up in the dictionary.

As I was doing that, cheking the dictionary was now sweeting me and that was how I found six interesting words you may or MAY NOT have known before now. Here are the words as gotten from Merriam Webster online dictionary.

  1. TRITE: : not interesting or effective because of being used too often : not fresh or original.
  2. MIEN: : a person’s appearance or facial expression.
  3. TARDY:: slow in moving, acting, or happening: done or happening late

    : arriving or doing something late

  4. WHINGE: : to complain in an annoying way.
  5. WILE:a trick or stratagem intended to ensnare or deceive; also :a beguiling or playful trick.
  6. MENAGERIE: : a collection of animals kept especially to be shown to the public.

Interesting yes? I know.

Meanwhile, is it just me or did you also not know that WiFi is a blended word from “Wireless Fidelity”. If you didn’t just look at yourself, later you will be the one shouting, “WiFi, WiFi” up and down yet you don’t even know where it came from.


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