The past days of my week were like:

MONDAY: You know how Mondays have been tagged as drab days of the week, that was how tnhe driver chose that day to piss me off. He could have picked the afternoon but nooooo he chose the morning. After I finished waking up like a zombie, I stared at the ceiling for minutes just listening to slow music before I managed to drag myself to prepare for school. I got to school so gloomy, it just wasn’t just my day but Aiseosa managed to make me happy after we watched people pass and make comments (how mean), but oh well, it did cheer me up. NO pictures sadly because…you already know.

TUESDAY: Oh it wasn’t the same, the sun had a different kind of shine. It was making me gloww, it was making me happy or maybe because it was the day December came! I had two tests and I had a presentation. Much later, I did this mini photo shoot by myself…no one around *sobs*

WEDNESDAY: This was just a weird day Wednesday. It was so weird I can’t remember much about it but it’s weirdness.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
I know this looks like a family picture 😭😭 I made them do this

THURSDAY: This was just a chilled day. It was home, school and back home.

FRIDAY: Ohhh it was a beautiful day, the FCMB group came over to commission a building they funded in my school. You needed to have seen the roast Turkey, roast Chicken, suya, fries etc all the “mede-medes” they made available for us. I ate almost to my heart’s content.

SATURDAY: My friend Ibifubara came over to my house!!! I was so excited and she’s staying for about three weeks. That day we went to the market to get a few things we would need for Sunday but guess what? The market had closed.

We just carried our legs and walked all the way out to the nearest eatery so we could chill for our friend that took us to the market to pick us up. Oh, when we left the market, we stopped to buy Yam and Akara to eat on our short journey to the eatery. How could I almost miss out that interesting part?

SUNDAY: It was Thanksgiving Sunday! All I can say for this day is, it was a dance and food in excess filled day. I was FUL-filled lol

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Super sun glow, skin colour shine


Don't worry, I know my friend is not a good photographer 😒
Don’t worry, I know my friend is not a good photographer 😒


Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Also, if you haven’t yet read the Sunday Quote of the week, do so.

Not so much of a Snapshotty week yes? I feel the same way too but last week was…one week.

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