I chose the 31st to post this because it’s the last day of the year.

2015 was beautiful.

I believe it was my “fly away, break away” year. I realized I could be confident in however way I chose to express myself and I learned how to do so without offending anyone or causing an uproar. I also learned how to deal with those who just chose to be offended in the most polite way ever.


I enjoyed 2015.


I went to more places, hung out with more people, met more people, tried out newer things I would never imagine myself to try out of there were another human life.
For one, I decided to go to Abuja because
1. I had never been there and,
2. My grandma I hadn’t seen in about 4-6 years ( Don’t say it, I know 😭) was there and for the record, yeah I had a good time with her, she’s so lovely and I love her. She can gist for Africa and make comments like no man’s business. She’s like a meme queen.

For another, I decided to let all the colours within me burst out. I made my rainbow braids I had been drooling over, I remember using purple to fill my brows, not to forget I also used lemon green. Eek I looked like a zombie but it was cool.

Oh oh, my dressing game 👌 that flower child and hipster within me took turns to shine. Some days, they were a mash up. I also fell in love with that scattered messy look. I find it so cool and attractive.

Let’s just say I embraced my inner butterfly and rainbow!


Then, my baby blog.


Is it safe to say she has reached the “hand to mouth” stage? Yes and that is because of you all that read, reposted, retweeted, shared, favourited, followed, criticized, advised, encouraged, thanked, liked, talked about, did everything! Because I’ve been wondering, not too long ago I was talking about just 2000 and counting of you and now you’re 3000 and counting. You put a smile on my face, if there’s anything comforting in this world, this is one of it – knowing that someone out there actually takes out of their time to see or hear what I have to say. So, for me and this my baby girl blog, thank you.

Then, to all the photographers that told me “Let’s have a shoot together””and then disappeared, God is watching you o. I said this last year lol and I’m saying it again. Now, I won’t have your time. If you happen to take interest in me and say, “let’s have a shoot” , I think I would just flip my hair and say, “not today Satan”. I will decide.

Then, I have those special people that just mean the world to me in certain ways. Thank you for being there. You put a smile on my face too for everyday I wake up and know that you are there.

Then there are those met this year and since the day we met, there was this connect and closeness. Knowing you is a +1 to my life. You brighten up my day.

Have I told you about my love for God?
I love God. I adore Him. It’s a privilege to know Him and what He can do and what He has done and what He will do.


I’m finishing the year 2015 strong.


When the year 2015 began, I was asked in church what I wanted in the year, as simple as it might have seemed, all I said was contentment. If I am asked again and again, that would be my reply.

Contentment is encompassing and in 2016, all I want is to be content in all I do, all I have, all I want and all I get.
I hope you do to “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – (Philippians 4:7 KJV)


For now, 2016 and until forever, stay as brilliant as the sun.

Oh oh wait!!! NEWSFLASH!!!!

January 25th, uh huh, oh yeah, do the monkey dance with me.



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