Dear Diary

Liebster Award


My sun is still shining so bright that it has shone the Liebster Award nomination upon my baby blog.

So I was nominated by Tammy O of A Little Bit Alternative  for an award that’ll have me tell you facts about myself. Thank you Tamz.

Without talking too much, I present to you 11 facts about me that may be similar to what I’ve mentioned before but still facts lol

11 Facts About Me

  1. I want a bunny. I’ve always wanted one and I still want one.
  2. Trypophillia irritates the heck out of me. It makes me have goosebumps and it makes me scratch.
  3. I’m not particular about what I wear everyday to school. Except on Mondays because I feel it’s a serious day.
  4. I don’t like ice cream.
  5. I like pizza.
  6. I love wearing socks with almost all my outfits.
  7. I’m a braids over weaves girl.
  8. My brows are not on fleek as of this post. They’re almost always never on fleek.
  9. I’m obsessed with Missguided UK.
  10. I don’t like the colour Red or Yellow, I’m not quite sure which.
  11. I love taking pictures.


Now, that is how Tammy asked me some really weird questions lol but hey, Tammy is quirky like that. I expected it of course.

Let me see, to answer Tammy’s questions…

  1. What’s your Hogwarts house? – Gryffindor!! (😂😂 Let me be honest, I just quickly took a test on “what’s your Hogwarts house” online, I had no idea whatsoever)
  2. Favorite David Bowie song? – I don’t listen to David Bowie 😞
  3. Which fictional couple do you ship? – Does Telemundo count? Yes? Then I go with Andre Santa Cruz and Lola Volcano of My heart beats for Lola.
  4. Current favourite music artist? – Meghan Trainor.
  5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? – hmmmm, I see myself on earth lol
  6. You hit shuffle on your laptop or iPod or phone, what are the first three songs to come up? – Mosquito killer by Small Doctor, Awoo Ewa by Oritse Femi and Elegushi Spender by Olalakeside.
  7. What book did you read last? – Being logical by Mclnerny.
  8. Favourite social media platform? – Twitter.
  9. What is your favourite type of YouTube video? – “How to” videos.
  10. Who inspires you? – I cannot settle for one.
  11. Favourite TV show? – I don’t have one.

Now, for the 11 other bloggers to nominate for this award. I should do that in a post to come.


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