24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away… – 1 Peter 1:24 (KJV)

On getting older:

Naturally, we all will.

You can’t pause time.

To get older is a beautiful thing, it means you’re growing, improving & developing. Getting wiser and more knowledgeable.

Don’t cry, don’t be scared. Don’t go on buying products to keep yourself young, it’s only but vanity.

Live and let live but in the normal process of life.


On one of my many internet ventures this week, I came across this beautiful poem by Wanda B. Goines titled The Gift Wrap and the Jewel. 

Read below:

I looked in the mirror and what did I see, but a little old lady peering back at me.With bags and sage and wrinkles and wispy white hair and I asked my reflection, how did you get there?

You once were straight and vigorous and now you’re stooped and weak—when I tried so hard to keep you from becoming an antique.

My reflection’s eyes twinkled and she solemnly replied, ‘You’re looking at the gift wrap and not the jewel inside’—a living gem andprecious of un-imagined worth, unique and true the real you, the only you on earth.

The years that spoil your gift wrap with other things more cruel should purify and strengthen and polish up that jewel.

So focus your attention on the inside, not the out—on being kinder, wiser, more content and more devout.

Then, when your gift wrap is stripped away, your jewel will be set free—to radiate God’s glory, throughout eternity.

Begin your week with the joy of expecting the next day, living through it and getting older. You are ready.

Have a blessed week!

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