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Favourite Hairstyle

I want to take you through a part of my hairstry (a blended word of hair and history) post.

So, a few days ago my friend asked me, “what is your favourite hairstyle?” I didn’t have to use the filler “errrr” or “ummm” because it was just hovering over my head. Braids!!!

Apparently my friend noticed that all my pictures ever seen I’m either on braids or my hair is unmade. She then asked, “do you ever make any other hairstyle?” and “why on earth do you always do braids?”.

The only thing going on in my head after those questions were, “New blog post!! New blog post!!! New blog post!!!” But I did reply, and I decided to share it with you because sooner or later you’d also be wondering why I’m on braids 90% of the time.

The question is, do I love braids? Yes! I do love braids. I’ve been doing braids as far back as 4 years old. Braids are my first choice when it comes to hair making, no doubt.

Baby Sharon on a bob braids P
Baby Sharon on a bob braids P

It’s not like I’ve never had a weave on in my life. Hello? I’ve got to have that weave feeling too. The first time I had a weave on was in 2009, I made the Fringe hairstyle and boy was it a lot to me.

At first ehn I was really itching to fix my hair because I felt they were not treating me like the big girl I thought I was. They eventually let me and this is what happened –

First Fringe 😂
First Fringe 😂

After about 3 days of feeling cool with that my fringe, I was itching to take it off my head.

Times after that anyway, on different occasions I’ve fixed my hair. Times like this…


And this…

2012-12-25 08.44.27

And this…



And a lot of other times lol I still do but I doubt I can have it on for more than a week, which explains the reason you might never catch me on a weave.

The cons with the weave and me are:

  1. One way of styling until the day I take it off.
  2. H E A T! It constitutes a level of heat on my scalp that I can’t express.
  3. Hair that’s all up in my face. When breeze blows everything just goes up and down.
  4. When it ever comes in contact with water, the feeling on the head is never the same.
  5. Strands all over the place.
  6. I cannot go all colourful with a weave, I’d just be looking like a green winged macaw



That’s why I’m so discouraged and only an event or a person can make me fix again.

On the other hand, braids are just amazing. I feel freer with braids. I can style them in anyway I wish to, I can blend in any colours I want and not feel awkward about it, the breeze that flows through the scalp especially when braids are let down is just out of this world, they can be as long as I want them to be, they can be cut to any size and a lot lot more things they can be and I can do with them.

Then also it’s just general preference and attachment to it (pun intended). I’m just a braids girl. My hairline gets me which is why we decided to not carry braids for more than 4-6 weeks.

Brief but helpful braid care tips:

  1. Don’t pack your braids too tightly.
  2. Don’t style your braids one way only.
  3. Oil your hair at least three times a week.
  4. Massage your scalp.
  5. Wash your braids if you feel the need to but make sure you dry it out well so it doesn’t smell.
  6. Air your hair out frequently.
  7. Do not carry your braids for more than 6 weeks but if you have to, not more than 8 weeks.

Wait…now that I think of it, I haven’t fixed my hair in over a year + 😱😱 wow


Until the next post or the next weave, stay here x


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