The Lord Jesus is able to meet all your needs

What would your mum do if some unexpected visitors arrived for lunch? – Let me see, my mum will surely look for and find a way to feed them all.

Away back in Bible times the Lord Jesus was faced with the same kind of problem. (John 6 v 1-14) He had spent a whole day speaking to people and healing them. His disciples came to him and said, “It’s getting very late, let’s send the people away so that they can buy themselves some food.”

Do you know what the Lord Jesus said to them?
“You feed them”

Can you imagine how surprised they were. Some of them said to Him, “Master, even if we had nearly a year’s wages we could never feed this crowd of people.”. There were at least 5000 people to be fed. But the disciples had forgotten something very important. The Lord Jesus has the power to do anything.

“What do you have?” Asked the Lord Jesus
“Well”, one of the disciples said, “There’s a boy here with 5 loaves and 2 fish, but that would never feed this crowd.”

What does 5 + 2 equal? – Duh, 7!

The Lord Jesus wanted to make it equal something else. He wanted to make 5 + 2 = 5000

There were 5000 people to be fed! How could the Lord Jesus do that? Well, remember the Lord Jesus has the power to do anything. The Lord Jesus is no ordinary man. He is God, God the son. That’s why He has power to meet your needs.

The Lord Jesus took the loaves and the fish and asked His father to bless them. He then gave them out to His disciples and they began to feed the people.

Do you think everyone was fed? Of course!

Do you think everyone got enough? Definitely!
The main idea is, if you have trusted Jesus as your Saviour and your helper, He is able to meet your need.

There is absolutely nothing big or difficult or strange or impossible for him to handle.

Start your week with these words in your heart and mind.

Have a blessed week!

(Extract from Bible talks for children – Sam Doherty.)

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