I have a countless number of favourite blogs but lately there are 4 I look forward to new post updates. I thought it best to share with you…


  • WHO: Cynthia
  • ABOUT: Fashion, style, travel.
  • BLOG: SimplyCyn

2. 11033394_10206207480803227_184313345488749773_n

  • WHO: Holly
  • ABOUT: Christian lifestyle
  • BLOG: HollyLooYah


  • WHO: Oroma
  • ABOUT: Personal style
  • BLOG: orrblog

4. hustle-sundays-5-of-7-678x1024

  • WHO: Krystal
  • ABOUT: Faith-based lifestyle, inspiration and style
  • BLOG: The Feisty House

Add them to your reading list if you haven’t, trust me, they’re all worth it.

You would fall in love too.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out Frankish Crown for my shortest feature ever.


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