I’ve always wanted to do a “what’s in my school bag post but then things and things kept coming up, both irrelevant and relevant to me. The truth is something will always come up when you want to do stuff. Then I remembered, 

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~ Napoleon Hill

And also, 

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” ~ William James

Therefore I decided to post part 1 today.

My bag on a regular school day is usually two things – scattered and empty.

Scattered because my “school bag” is a tote, which means even when I arrange my stuff in my bag, after movement and all, it’ll just rearrange itself.

Empty. Well, I thank God for an institution like mine. Everything involves an online, portal and computerized world. Basically, it’s digitized. So all I carry is a note pad for jottings in class and my pens.

Am I that boring? 😂😂 Okay, now for what’s in it…


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
My first attempt at taking a “what’s in my school bag” photo

On a normal day I don’t carry a lot of things because…LOAD. I don’t like load therefore I choose my stuff with what I call my “bag essentials”.

No matter how small my bag is, I must must must (emphasis, MUST) have my essentials even if it’s just a few of them. 

I know you’re wondering what my bag essentials are 😭 don’t worry, I’m about to tell you.

Bag Essentials

1. A pocket Mirror: Something might be in my teeth, nose or eye. I wouldn’t want someone telling me now, would I? No, hence, the reason for that.
2. Pack of pocket tissue/wipes: I might want to clean something off my face or body.
3. Lip stick/gloss/balm: Talking and eating can wipe my first application off. It would be nice to re-apply.
4. Mini Body sprays/perfumes: It is key to smell good. My clothing might smell awful due to the different smells from outside.
5. Mini powder: An oily face or a dull face is to be avoided. Brown or white, it’s just to have some powder that matters.
6. Mascara/Eyeliner: Anything to keep my eyes bright and shining.
7. Hair brush/comb: I don’t want to be looking like medusa so things have got to be tidy on my head.
8. Chewing Gum: After eating, water doesn’t always perfom the fresh breath trick in my mouth that’s why some gum does justice.
Tip: Be careful where you open your chewing gum, people are around you waiting like…
images (6)
 Anyway, I don’t expect you to carry all that in your bag but I do expect you to carry in order of higher importance at least 3.
As for me, in my bag today, all I carried as you can see above are:
1. My notepad
2. My pens (2 pens in case of necessity)
3. My mirror
4. My lipstick (Femme Couture, really lovely matte nude)
5. My lip balm
6. My sunglasses
7. My reading glasses
8. My pencil
9. My charger
10. My flash drive
11. My wallet
12. My earphones
Pretty empty, yes? I told you so.
Now that’s that, so you can go in with telling me what’s in yours on a regular school day.
Oh, before I end, I have a quote to leave you on procrastination…
If and when were planted, and nothing grew.
Do what you have to do and do it now x


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