This post is a selfie long.

This was where it all began.

Stage one: Just trimmed, transitioning
Stage one: Just trimmed, transitioning

Considering that I was on the “help me” and temptation stage as at the last time I posted on my natural hair transitionig story in 2014 (wow, 2 years ago!!!), I decided to bring you up to date with what happened after that.


So, remember how in part 1, I talked about how I was going to lock my hair? Uh huh, I did. I did my locs in December 2014 instead and it was short lived on my head because there was this strong urge to take it off within me. For one, I felt like I was carrying fat worms on my head. It was so funny because when the stylist was doing my hair, it was “shacking” me.

In my head I was already feeling like future Damian Marley but yet I came out feeling like future that other guy.

The dread future I wanted


The dread future they tried to give me

The funniest part of it all was how the stylist was really praising his work on my head. And I returned to my house later on and nobody said anything. All of  them were like:


So me I was now flexing with my wormy dreads. Plus, there were those people who seemed to like it on the streets, they added extra ginger to my flex.

I really really tried to style it like it was the next big thing. Sadly, it wasn’t working out, which is why I was even too shy to take pictures with the hair lol

This was my hair about 2 or 3 days after locking it.
This was my hair about 2 or 3 days after locking it.


Can you see the hair here?
Can you see the hair here?




Anyway, I took it out in January or February, 2015, I can’t even remember when exactly but I know I didn’t bother giving the dreads the opportunity to mature.

Stage two: After I had taken out the almost "dreadlocks" - 2015
Stage two: After I had taken out the almost “dreadlocks” – 2015

After that, I slipped back into the “help me” stage and then, guess what happened next? A few months later, I texturized my hair. Yes! Texturized!! Temptation got the best of me. I felt good. NO, I felt great!

My hair actually fell, it was sooo soft (something I’ve never felt before) and the length was x2 the former. This time my flex was on a 100. I didn’t make noise about what I was going to do with my hair, so when I got home, everyone was surprised. The surprise didn’t end there. Even people that weren’t my family were surprised. But their surprise was more like:



ON TOP MY OWN HAIR!!!!! I was stunned. I’m like, they never really hyped me when I was a naturalista, and now they’re all up in my face like acne.

Lowkey, I was regretting my move, I was now defending myself on how texturizer isn’t relaxer but more like a softening kit so my hair was not relaxed like relaxed. Let me say it was more like a “relaxed natural hair” but hey, I got to do styles that wouldn’t really have gone well with my stubborn natural hair.

(😂 Ignore the selfie face, just focus on the hair)






Really though, truth be told, texturizer doesn’t relax the hair. It really is a softening kit, curl keeper & curl definer. It changed the life of my hair.

After the first time I texturized, about 6/7 weeks later, I did again 😂😂 and that was the last time.

In May, I did my first coloured hair. By then, the stylists we’re like, “this your hair don dey become natural o, undergrowth”. I just sighed. Life of a stubborn haired girl.

The day after I made the hair

Let me take a moment to talk about this hair, it turned heads too like the ones that came after it. Especially at the market, it was funny. Abuja people didn’t expect it (yes, I was in Abuja as at when I made the hair)

Moving on, after those braids, I braided my hair about 4 different times again and I didn’t texturize or relax, nothing.

Now, you can guess where my hair stands now, yes, it’s standing on the rock 😒😒 meaning it’s back to it’s former natural rock stubborn shrunk state. Just like that. So fast.

At this stage, I’m neither in the “help me” stage nor the temptation stage, I’m more in the confused stage but I think I’ll be just fine.

Maybe I should just go bald and forget about hair, or maybe I should just buy a wig and do didi underneath. I don’t know. Because I’ve said I won’t braid for a long while…gotta save these edges.

This is me now.



Watch out for part 4 😂😂😂

Peace xx


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