Sunday Quote – That’s my bestfriend

My best friend is my best friend because He is the best. My best friend is my best friend because He chose me, I chose Him and I accepted Him to be.

Let me tell you a story…

Long long long ago before I was even born, my best friend’s Father sent Him to earth to save me. He was the only one that could. In order for Him to save me, He had to give His life up for me and He did. After about three days, He rose again and later on ascended into Heaven to be with His Father again.  The thing with my best friend is that He’s not your average man. He’s more than extraordinary and super. He is something I can neither explain nor understand but He’s all things good. That’s another reason He’s my best friend, simply because He actually laid His life down for me. Not everyone can do that.

He is coming back again soon though, not to give His life up for me again but to take me to meet His Father so we can all be united forever.

We have a million pictures together but you won’t see Him because He can only be felt. He’s always with me, He lives in me, to be honest, that’s why I’m still alive.

I once thought my other friends had a lot of names until I met my best friend. He has nameeeesssssss, beautiful names at that. The thing is, it’s only if you know him like I do that you’ll know he has a lot of names and know most of them.

He does have His most popular name like we all do, His name is… Jesus Christ. He’s cool, you can call Him Jesus for short.

Yeeeaahhh, I’m sure you’ve heard about Him, He’s popular like that but sadly you may not know him.

Take it from me, to know Him is to know the truth. To know Him is to find the way – the way to His Father, God.

You will love Him because he already loves you. My best friend can be your best friend if you want Him to. All you have to do is ask Him to be.

To be His best friend is to work towards and be close to perfection. To be His best friend is to let His lifestyle reflect through yours.

He is amazing.

He will never judge you but rather show you the way.

He’s everything you’re lacking and you just don’t know it yet.

That’s my best friend for you.

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Who is your best friend?


Have a beautiful and blessed week!

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