Dear Diary

Back I/On The Bus

You can’t tell me you’re not wondering what “I/ON” is. Well, you know how English can be confusing sometimes? Yes, exactly. I wondered if it was supposed to be “back in the bus” or “back on the bus” for what I’m referring to. I do think it’s “back on the bus” though but hey! “I can English, who set the rules anyway?” right?

So a new semester has begun. This is my “a new semester has begun” face.


I’m right back on the bus for 15 weeks. I did get off the bus two weeks ago for a break of one week, for emphasis, ONE WEEK! I was wondering why my school gave us a break of just a week because it seemed like a day but oh well, a week is way better than none.

I think I loooooveee my timetable this semester, I mean, 11 AM classes on Tuesday? Ending the day at 1 PM some days? That was my dream last semester. Who knew it’ll come through this one.

As for my courses this semester, well…out of the nine of 9 of them, I can’t really say for now because I’ve only gone through 3 but as time goes on I’d tell you, you know I will. After all, you’re my buddy.

Am I happy that school has resumed? Yeah, to an extent.

This was when I was taking pictures in world civilization class hence the reason my head is positioned that way.


This was just after school…





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