See, in life there are times when you feel like you’ve locked target and you cannot just abort mission.

A girl’s guide to what he meant VS what happened VS what he did

      Over the weekend, my friend and I were having  a conversation and she had to take a call. After a moment of talking on the phone, on the other end of the line, the person said, “I’d call you back”. She told me that’s what he said. Almost simultaneously we said together, “He’s not calling back”. I mean, not that day at least so no need to wait on the call. Our then conversation switched to crowning guys we knew with the “King of I’d call you back” title.

Let’s say you just gave a guy your number. The thing is, waiting for a guy to call/text you can be the biggest wind up in the world. No, the galaxy. No, lets make that the universe. However, there are a lot of reasons (which may sometimes be guided lies) a guy you’re interested in or a guy you think is interested in you might say he’ll call you and then not call.

These reasonsssss could be:

1. He might have gone all shy and nervous. (which I believe is unlikely but then he’s human too so yeah, let’s allow that pass)

2. He might have lost your number. (There you have your answer)

3. He might have lost his phone one way or the other. (Hmmmmm)

4. He might have had no airtime. (…)

5. He might have been talking on his phone while walking into his house when a big eagle swooped down and grabbed it in its talons and sped off with it into the blue yonder…

6. He might have been abducted by aliens.

7. He might be simply being a guy and intends to call but at his own time.

8. It’s just a thing he says but he actually means “bye bye”.

9. He probably died.

Just like the event with my friend, sometimes, he may call you but when he’s gotta go, he’d say, “I’ll call you back”. Girl, most times that’s equivalent to “bye bye” just as number 8 above. So don’t sweat it. This could be you if you do:


On the other hand, I have to say, in my experience, in the main, if a guy wants to call/text you, HE WILL CALL/TEXT YOU even if it means him borrowing a phone and when he says “I’d call you back”, HE WILL CALL YOU BACK.

So if he said he’d call/text you and you’ve given him a reasonable amount of time to find his lost phone, to get over his shyness, or to return from the alien abduction etc. and he still hasn’t called/texted, whatever you do, DON’T start thinking that there’s something wrong with you. Maybe he’s not as into you as you thought or maybe truly and genuinely, something serious came up with him. It happens.
So just let him and the moment go and get on with your life OR give him some more time and wait.

Of course, one way to get round the waiting scenario is to ask for his number, that way you can call/text him first. End of story. Okay wait, scratch that, be careful with the calling him or you may come across as C R E E P and Y.

That said, since we’re being real and stuvvs, let me tell you a funny weird silly cute call story of mine…

Once upon a time a beefcake I totally had my eyes on took my number. Long before he did, I was counting the hours/days until he would ask for it (it’s a girl thing I think). I kind of knew he would anyway (I think the knowing is also a kind of power girls have) but I didn’t know when exactly and I felt like time was running out because it was a matter of minutes/hours before I’d have left that place.

Lol so, during my time of countdown until number collection, I had written my number on a piece of paper. I don’t quite remember the exact words on the paper but I think it read something like, “08080808080. Here, you’re saved” 😂😂 Bold move, some would say, desperate move, it’s either one or none.

I was actually even too shy or scared to slip that paper in anywhere because doing all that isn’t my thing but I said I’d slip that paper into something of his, someway, somehow if it was time for me to go and he hadn’t asked yet.
See, in life there are times when you feel like you’ve locked target and you cannot just abort mission.

TOP TIP: The only problem with doing that (e.g. slipping notes), you may have a heart attack or build disgust if after one week, no call.


Well, long story short, he asked.
I was oh so so so glad I didn’t have to go on with that my plan, I know I would have felt so stupid after it, in fact, I would have locked myself in a dark room for 7 days without food or water and wallow in my, “I wish I didn’t write that note”.

Anyway, after all that, do you know when he called me? The next day.

I didn’t expect his call the day I gave him my number but as I woke up the next morning, the expectancy of the call was on my top 10. Then sometime in the afternoon I guess, the call came in.

At that moment, that meant a lot of things to me. My mind became a waterfall of assumptions and presumptions and speculations and etc. I started to remember all those posts I’d ever read online, “When he says he’d call you and he does” , “What he means when he makes that call” LOL you know all those kind of posts (just similar to this one you’re reading now 😂)

Before the call, I practiced what kind of voice to receive the call of every unknown number for that day and I used it. It was funny to me because there I was giving myself all the palaver but he was probably as normal as normal he could be.

Well, it was all worth it in the end, a text came in much later in the day and the rest is xyz history.

All in all, when it comes to the road of calls with a guy of interest, my more than one advice to you is:

Advice 1: Make the move if you have to. When you lock target. Go for gold. Don’t abort mission. Never!

Advice 2: No. Don’t make the move. If he doesn’t make the move, just forget about it all.

Advice 3: Don’t believe everything you read.

Advice 4: Ignore advice 1.

Advice 5: Okay, consider advice 2.


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(Thanks to Izzie and Cathy, they taught me all this)


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