Dear Diary

About my pet

No. My featured image isn’t my pet.

I have never introduced you all to my pet because she is the total opposite of me. She’s shy. She likes taking only “peek-a-boo” pictures so I’m thinking that one of these days I’d capture her without her knowledge.

Her name is Shirley.

I wanted something close to mine which is Sharon, so both of us can be somewhat name twinsies and when someone says a word that starts with “sh”, our ears can stand.

Shirley is cuddle obsessed. She’s cunning and her favourite game is hide and seek. Shirley can be mischievous and stubborn when her cuteness gets into her head. She knows that I won’t take out on her whatever naughty thing she does when she does that her cute furry face which is why I guess she does it anyway.

Shirley is a bunny (although someone I know will call her a rabbit. Yes, I’m telling everyone that you call bunnies rabbits when you can call them bunnies 🙄) So, she is a bunny. A cute purple bunny. She’s round and almost in her own self.

Shirley is real, at least when I finally own a pet bunny and name her that.


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