Apart from the obvious “o” and “a” of course.

As I thought about writing this post, the first person that came to my mind was Cassie Daves. If you follow her on any social media platform you’d know how she always corrected/corrects people, “Daves not Davies” because for some reason they never seem to get it right and I wonder why. In fact up till now there are those who will still just not get it right.

Photo Credit: Cassie Daves’s Tumblr
Photo Credit: Kacheetee.com

A name is everything. It pleases people when you can get their names right. One correction is fine, it happens. But several corrections? Come on!

My name “dilemma” is just as similar to an extent.

The thing is “Nton” and “Ntan” are both my names.

The only difference is, Nton is my middle name and Ntan is my surname (I’m cool like that) but that one letter is what almsot everyone misses, that one pronunciation is what almost everyone misses.

Sometimes people address things to me and I see “Sharon Nton” when it should be “Sharon Ntan”. Other times when they call out my name it’s “Sharon N-tow-n” when it should be “Sharon N-tah-n”.

It’s really not that difficult to get right because they’re so similar.

My name is Ntan Sharon Nton (Surname-First name-middle name).

When it comes to my surname, it’s NTAN not NTON and when it comes to my middle name, it’s NTON not NTAN.

Get it right today, save a life 😂




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