Dear Diary

That first spa date

This is probably the longest post you’ve ever read on this blog.


I’ve always wanted to go to the spa (I mean, who hasn’t or who doesn’t?) and that finally happened the period I was competing in the Elite Model Look Nigeria competition in 2013. Let me say it was a spa date because I wasn’t the only girl who was taken to the spa (obviously).

I was so excited. In my head I was like, “first spa date, first spa date, first spa date!!!” I remember speaking on the phone with my mother telling her about how I didn’t know where I was but all I knew was that I was at a spa.

When we got to the place, we had to wait a while for them to prepare the things for us because we were quite a number (about 7 to be precise but hey, that’s quite a number) but waiting didn’t feel like anything because…you already know why. They finally got everything ready after about an hour or more and then we walked in.

First of all, the place didn’t even look like a spa (not that I really knew what a spa looked like) so I began to wonder, “Is this a prank?” The only thing I was seeing were makeup brushes, mirrors, bright lights and just make up stuff in general but then someone said, “this way”, that’s when I realized, “oooooooohhhh it’s abouta get reeeeaaaal”. Believe me, I tried to keep my cool you see so I didn’t rush up the stairs as we were led, no no, I took my time, stayed in line.

When we got upstairs we were asked to take a seat and relax, which we did. Thereafter, we were divided into who would do what first and who would do what next because as we were many we had to take turns and rotate.

After all that and a few girls who had gone in to get spa’d, I heard a call for me, “excuse me, you’re next”. Wait me? You mean me? This kent be. I got up like it’s time to be like the movies baby!!

I was led by a lady into a room that looked like a theatre. Something like floodlights over a bed. After my mini flashback of how I was once in a theatre for the stitching of my toe (another story for another day), the lady said to me, “Please take off your clothes”. Take off gini? I stared at her for about 5 minutes like I didn’t hear what she had said. She turned to the door and said she’d be back so I should please take off my clothes and be in my underwear. When I heard the word “underwear”, it’s like my ears began to function well again. So I did that and was just in the room, sitting on the bed. The lady walked back in, told me to lay on the bed facing the ceiling and I did so.

I asked her what exactly I was there for and she said waxing. Waxing. I’ve read and heard a lot about that, should be nice. So, we began.

She rubbed on my legs as if it were bread something as thick as evostick. The evostick feeling thing was like the butter to the bread then she stuck something like sand paper on my leg and before I could even say, “Wha…” I screamed almost at the top of my voice. A tear. Just a tear came out of my right eye if I’m not wrong.

In my screams I asked that lady, “what is that!?!??” She told me that was the process so I should just be calm, it won’t take a long time. I didn’t even occur to me that she was repeating the process as she was speaking with me and then striiiiiip (that’s what I think it sounded like) she did it again.

TOP TIP: If you’re ever going to the spa to wax and that’s the same process, waxing is like putting duct tape on your skin (one with hair, small or not) and removing so fast it in a matter of 3 seconds or less even.

As if that wasn’t enough, I think the lady thought she was too slow so she called in another lady to assist her. They abstractly shared my body into two. I tried making conversation with them to distract myself from the waxing feeling but as one waxed the left and the other waxed the right almost simultaneously, I just lay there staring at the ceiling in silent pain lol

When they were done, they helped me get down and gave me a cloth to wrap myself before leading me to another room. In my head I was like, “what is this one again?” They took me to a room where I met the sweetest girl ever. I went there for body scrubs. Once again I was required to get undressed, I closed my eyes almost throughout!!! I think I have a thing for strangers and my nakedness LOL for real and the lady noticed so she was just not staring at me but doing her business. The scrub was like washing off the wax thing, smoothing the skin and making it shine shine bobo. Right after that, I went to take a shower under warm water. The feeling of the water on my skin was like I was in another body (no jokes). When I got out, there were a few other spa shenanigans before I was all dressed and ready to leave.

When I got out of that room, I was told that I wasn’t done so I had to wait for facials. “Facials??” I thought to myself, “These people are serious.” But what could I say? I was actually enjoying the spa feeling (the ones after the waxing though). So I sat waiting in a place.

This is where it gets interesting.

As I was waiting, I began scratching. Serious scratching o! At first I thought it was just the normal scratching of a body part but no. My legs, arms, stomach, my whole body in fact except my face was itching me. I began to panic. I wasn’t even looking at my skin as I was scratching. The moment I took a look at it I freaked out, believe me I could have fainted. Irritations. I became irritating to my own self. You have no idea how much I hate seeing dots or holes or bumps all in one place, they remind me of trypophobia (which makes me scratch already at the sight of it).  I got up immediately and told the first lady I saw to look at what was happening to me.

2013-09-23 10.30.09
This was how my body looked, are you wondering how I got to take a picture? I’m smooth like that

LOL instead of her to look for solution she began calling on the others to come and see. They were like they’ve never seen this happen there. One said maybe my skin is just too sensitive, another said maybe because it’s my first time and another said maybe I’m just reacting to it (duuuuuhhhhhhhh). That’s how they were debating over me like some science project. I doubt they even knew how to handle the situation. I then suggested they took me to a beyond cold room. All of them were now like yes, cold room, yes, we have one, yes, we will turn on the ac blah blah blah

Eventually, they took me to a room and turned up the ac. treating me like a princess, I put on a robe and they put me on a comfy massage chair. I think that was the second best feeling that day. I also think the itch just needed to feel some more ac because when I settled in, it began to reduce then gradually the little things on my body disappeared.

And this was the change after my little stay in the cold room

**I couldn’t take more pictures because truly it didn’t really occur to me to. What was in my head at the moment wasn’t pictures.

Lowkey I wanted the irritation feeling to linger so that the princess feeling would continue but nahhh, at the same time I didn’t want it to. When I was back to normal I got back into my own clothes and just went in straight for the facials.

At first I thought to myself, “what if this irritation happens on my face too? My face! Hian” so I was reluctant but then I had to finish my spa date, oh yes I had to. *In Barkhad Abdi’s voice (the main Somali guy in Captain Phillips)* “I come too far to give up.” So I went on in.

Facials were bliss. This one was more like visiting a dentist. You know that light dentists put over the face when they want to check the mouth? Yeah, it was like that. After the lady had massaged my face and done all the necessaries, she left me under the light. I think I can be too paranoid some times. She took a while before she returned so I began to think of all the horror and thriller movies I’d ever watched and my tactics to escape if anything had turned out to be as the movies. When she got back, she did the “what whats” that had to be done and that was it.

Spa date over.

I left that place that day feeling like a superstar. I was feeling like a biggest deal in town forgetting all about the process even.

Do you know what’s so funny? I just wrote about 1600+ words without stress but when it comes to school work ehn, even if it’s even 500 words it just seems so, “Oh no, where do I begin” even when I may know what to write.

Sorry not sorry my story is very long and jumpy but you got here, applaud yourself!


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