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From France with love

I’m well aware that I’m making small waves but I never expected I’d ever see my picture stand so big on a Saint Laurent billboard in France!!!

It’s like a dream, it is a dream and I’m not awake yet to tell someone to wake me up.

Once upon a time a French based photographer made the decision to spend his summer by bringing his work children [camera and her siblings (lens, soft box, studio stand etc) ] to Nigeria for a period of time and he decided to stay in Lagos.

This means he is in Lagos right now!


This photographer takes amazing pictures of weddings, parties, look books et al and he can do the same for you.
Believe me when I say if he handles a photography session for you, you’d just start shedding tears and saying, “wow, wow, wow, oh so beautiful, wow” when you see the pictures.
No jokes.


So really, what are you still looking for on my blog? Go out and capture the memories your mind cannot with photographer Oristegbemi.  Just contact him @Oritse_mxvo (Instagram) and Facebook to get your bookings going!



Before you hastily  move on, I want you to know about the MXVO photography master class coming up on the 3rd of August, 2016 up till the 5th of August, 2016 hosted by Oritse and his partners.

Just so you don’t say,”she didn’t tell us”, she’s telling you now. Get your hands on a camera and be a professional and skilled photographer. All thanks to this upcoming class.

Below is the poster I attached, so feed your eyes, feed your hippocampus and attend the three-day class.



PS – As for my picture on a Saint Laurent billboard, “write the vision and make it plain”. Just hold on, it could happen…someday, maybe.


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