I’ve always said I’d dye my hair aquamarine, or purple, or both!



The thing is people who know me already know I could care less about the colours on my head, it’s a mood. So we’re cool. I consider my head the easel that holds my hair which is my photographic paper (Yeah, go ahead. You can quote me, just remember to add the hyphen and y name once you’re done). So hey, why not make some art that’ll awe your neighbour?

Lol after all my intro, I haven’t even dyed the hair yet so that’s not where I’m heading (get it? Makes for a good pun).

Currently, I’m on some beautiful box braids that I’d show you soon enough (don’t worry, it wouldn’t be too old before I do and neither will you). Where I’m heading right now is down the coloured lane on you!

Have you ever tried colours on your hair?


Wait now, it doesn’t have to be your natural hair. It could be on your braids or weaves. I think they’re really cool and once in a while you should move from the conventional to the…(fill in the missing word). Surprise yourself and surprise others.

All this grammar is for me to just list the the top colours I’m feeling and recommending right now:

1. The Purple


2. The Green


3. The Blue


4. The pink, white and safe


5. The Multi Coloured


What do you think? Beautiful eh?

You’d be a walking work of art.

Like me..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
This is me giving you a not so sneak peek of my hair. Letting you know that, you should hold on, that hair post is on its way. 


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