Top secret reasons no one will follow you back on social media

   Social media is all about follow backs and adds. If someone doesn’t follow you back you say “it’s not like she’s a celeb”, but chill, what if they didn’t see it? What if they chose not to?
Just in case, lets say you followed them like 3 days ago and they haven’t followed you back, it’s a free online space, you have options:

  1. Wait
  2.  Unfollow me
  3. Leave a message
  4. Blah blah blah, satisfy yourself

I thought I was alone until I asked about 20 other people why they won’t follow someone back on social media and here are their answers:

I won’t follow you back on social media if…

  1. ” I probably do not like your bio.” – RM

  2. ” I do not like your profile picture.” – AD

  3. If I scroll down your TL and see I don’t like your personality. Plus it depends on my mood. – RA

  4.  If I don’t like you or you if you post too much. – NI

  5. Your pictures or if your number of followers are less than mine. – AM

  6.  If I forget or get distracted. But that’s like 10%. So if I don’t like you lowkey or I don’t like what you post. – KO

  7.  Reasons best known to me. It’s my account and I do what I like. – NG

  8.  Well either you didn’t ask me to follow or my ego is just too big to follow you back – OE

  9.  If you have small followers I won’t follow back and if I see things like – “Holuwarmicheal” “#follow4follow”, #instalike” etc. etc. and captions like “chilling with my squad”, “Goals lomo”, “Oluwanoni”. – AN

  10.  Too much HD effect and words on your pictures especially when you’re neither a graphic designer nor illustrator nor artist. – SH

  11.  Your page is wacky. You aren’t a mutual friend or friend. Your page has nothing to do with my interest. I think it’s a scam page or if I know you will eventually unfollow me back 🌚 – FI

  12.  I don’t feel like I want to know you. I don’t want to see your face on my feed. You are annoying. You don’t look the same as in real life. It doesn’t matter who you are. -OR

  13. I might forget or I’m not interested in what they may have to post. – DI

  14. Your name has a factor or an accent to it eg “Dami” for “Dharmhie” or “Oluchi” for “Orlouchie”.

  15. You add those odd/celeb titles  to your name eg “Young money Tola” or “Sweet pinky princess”.

  16. You type in this manner on a real –  “Fwesh bwoi jux warna noe yhu.”

  17. You use a lot of offensive words and pictures

  18. I didn’t see your follow.

  19. There’s just something missing about you

  20. I just don’t want to follow you back.


Where are you on this list?


Change your style.

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