A morning routine that works…somehow


Me neither but you need a routine. No argument.

Doesn’t make you straight jacketed or someone living a black and white systematic kind of life.

I’m soooo not a morning person, I must admit, and routines really don’t work for me because I may spend too much time talking or having a concert in the bathroom – which eventually eats into the time for other things.

Don’t be like me! You’d end up rushing things you could have had the time for. If you’re already like me, hold on, we may make it 😂


– Your morning routine should be everything before 10am at most and you need an alarm to wake you up for a start if you can’t on your own. Every morning (school mornings to be precise) at 6:20am my alarm goes off (not an actual ‘rrriiinngg rrriiinngg’ ancient alarm, my cell phone – I don’t put it on my bed don’t worry. I’m safety cautious). My target really is to get up at the latest 6:40am, so that 6:20 is just like pre-wake.

– Start your day with positivity regardless. Starting your day on a positive note results in a better day ahead. So on most days, I say a prayer when I wake up. Some days, I sing/ songs that cheer me up and on other days, I just tell myself a bunch of feel good stuff like, “You go girl!”, “you’re the best”, “you can do it” etc. Positivity won’t even take you 5 minutes – even if it’s yoga. After all, you can speak or read something positive while doing other things. But let’s say you use 5 minutes. So 6:30am.

– If you’re someone that has chores (like me) before you go on to your body clean up, do your chores. You can actually take 15 minutes to do that. So, working with 6:30 wake up time and 15 minutes for chores, that leaves me in 6:45. (I’m a very good child but I run away from my chores, not gonna lie, I mean, who doesn’t? Any normal child would) But you’re not normal, you’re umm…extraordinary, so no, don’t run away from your chores if you have chores.

– Making breakfast is one of fastest things. You don’t have to eat heavy in the morning. Bread, eggs, noodles, plantain, tea, pancakes etc. For most of my mornings that’s what I have. Some days, I just eat fruits or veggies and water and I’m good to go. Unless of course, there’s food you can microwave. Don’t go and start pounding yam and making banga soup because you want to eat correct food to hold your stomach the whole morning. I eat fufu and Ogbono soup sometimes in the morning though but you know how fufu is and yes, I can just warm the soup. No hassle.
– Now’s also the time to pack lunch if it’s something you do.
– If you have a cook, why did you read that part? 🙄 excuse me, askor!

– It’s time for the concert in the bathroom, shouldn’t take you a while. I won’t tell you how long I spend in the bathroom, you just may end up asking me if I bathe at all. Let’s say you use 15 minutes (still using my time) in the kitchen, you get into the bathroom at about 7:02am (2 minutes extra). You ought to be out at 7:17am at most. Unless you’re building mansions in the bathroom.

– I don’t even know why I gave this title its own number. On a good day, I pick out what I will to wear the night before so I won’t have to battle with what to wear on the day itself. If you were never doing that, do that. The days I don’t, I must have been very tired, sad or confused. But the next day, no time to waste, I just pick out something quick. You’re not a mountain, dressing up should be just about 10 minutes.
Working with my time, that means I’d be in 7:27am by the time I’m done.

– I’m truly not a makeup gal so I don’t wear make up which is why there’s no slot for that. I usually just carry my lipstick or lip balm and I’m out of the house with my driver. I need at least 10 minutes before 8am so I can get to school around 8:40am for classes that almost always begin at 9am.
This morning routine (school mornings to be precise), is this way because I don’t stay on campus. If I did ehn…did somebody say 6:20? Oh please! 8:00am.

Note: Now, above is how your routine should look like. In reality, that’s my routine. Well, just that some things are more switched like I usually make breakfast close to my leaving time but like I said, don’t be like me.

You need a routine that works and it’ll help you be more organized.

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