Looking good and feeling great – this ought to be in everyone’s to-do list in life. I mean, why would you not want to look good and feel great?

I know I’m always all about girls but hey, I guess this applies to both male and female.

Tips to looking good

So, here are hints on how you can LG and FG:

1. Take the time to give yourself regular DIY (do it yourself) pampering sessions at home. If you start feeling that you’re worth it, other people will too – Pinterest  has got you, you don’t have to worry.

2. Make sure your hair is always clean, styled and well cut. This means, regular visits to the salon (as they’d tell you on the internet). Johnbull and RoseKate, do it at home if you can. You’d get the same result.

3. Don’t panic if you’ve got ragged, bitten finger nails. You could give yourself a manicure for short nails – some luscious hand cream, a bit of loving care with an emery board and some neutral nail polish will make a one hundred per cent improvement.

4. Wear clothes that look nice and fit you properly. A properly-fitting piece of clothing can work wonders instantly for your figure. If your clothes look good, you’ll feel good and that will boost your appearance and confidence.

5. Keep your teeth cleaned and your breath fresh – you never know when someone will lean in close for a chat. Imagine talking to your potential boo with smelly breath, he/she may never be an actual boo 😭

6. Steer clear from BO (body odour). This is the next worst after un-fresh breath aka MO (mouth odour). Make use of body sprays, body mists, deodorants, perfumes etc. And don’t forget to try and shower at least twice a day.

7. Drink lots of water every day – at least a glass with each meal and a glass in between. Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will stay clear and fresh-looking. Plus, it will help your hair and nails.

8. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Not only do you need all those vitamins and minerals to give you a healthy, attractive glow, they’ll boost your energy and vitality.

9. Cut down on the cookies, chocolates and cakes. They may taste great, but nutritionally they’re just stodge. And if you are what you eat, who wants to look like a muffin? 🙂

10. If you’re stuck deep in unhealthy habits, it’s never too late to make a difference. Don’t think you can change overnight – pick one thing to change and focus on that for a couple of days. That means, adopt a healthy habit and cut out an unhealthy one. Slowly but surely, you will blossom and everyone including you will notice the difference.

There you have it – The top 10 LG and FG tips!!

PS: Make tip 10 your ultimate, the tip you want to make the most of, and you will be amazed at the outcome.

I’m on all this, I try. I really do. Tip 10 stays my anthem. Progress. Slowly but surely.

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