Dear Diary

Until a week and a day

I’ll be away for a week and a day.

Well, “There’s no difference really” you say because I was away the whole of this week until today, pardon me. I have been busy. You know when you have work to do and it’s just all up in your head – yeah, that’s called internship. It’s fun and not fun. But that’s not the topic of today, I just may never even talk about it because I have too much to say.

Moving on, I’ll be away for a week and a day (Saturday the 20th to Sunday the 28th). Yes. But not because of internship. I’d be going to “chill”.

I’m traveling 🙄 (to somewhere that’s like a backyard) to Ogun state, which is as good as Lagos state but isn’t Lagos state because demographics (does that word fit?).
Okay, remember last year when I came back telling you about a certain solid camp? Yep! That’s the one and I’m on to it again. I really think I need a reason to stay away from XYZ a little bit and that’s a good start even if it’s just for days. I want to be able to write about all the things I noticed while not having a device just like Ekpa did on his medium.

I hope to have a good time and I hope you miss my words again as you did the past week. I’ll take pictures, rather, they’d take pictures of me that I may never get to see as last year was. Camp photography is the worst. Remember when I told you it was a device-less camp so we should rely on camp photography? Guess what? I never saw the pictures, I guess they just take them for archives or something else like that. You can rely on camp photography anyway, Faith can move mountains.

In all, I’ll be going.
It’s always a cool experience you know. Meeting people, forming opinions, having chats about Jesus and the bible. Totally cool.

So my lovely ones,
I will see you in a week and a day.
You can always leave your messages as always and when I come back, I would be sure to check them all.

I plan to write for everyday on camp just so you can have “a feel of the feeling”.

Stay out of trouble.
Stay blessed.

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