Dear Diary

Camping on Solid Rocks

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Squad goals or what?

Guess whose back?

It may be you, it may be I, it maybe someone by my side! Neeehhhh, it’s me.



So it’s in my archives [okay, last blogpost (still archives)] that I was going to be away for a week and a day and that I’d bring you day-to-day deets about the happenings in/on the camp I was going for but mehn, some things dey change.

It was difficult writing because everything was working according to a system – time – which already had allocated events.

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Camp was such a moment.

When I arrived the Solid Rock (the cool name the camp ground is called), I was “bus lagged” in lack of a better word. After sitting in the cramped bus on quarter and half my butt interchangeably with about 100+ people. The moment I stepped down, I was disoriented. In fact, before I even stepped down, I was disoriented.

From the near 3 hours of waiting for the bus in Lagos, to the cluster of people, to my uncomfortable sitting position, to my confused sleep pattern, to my honourable discharge from the uterine navy, to the people conversing and singing on the bus, to every other thing in between.

Anyway, back to the matter, the moment I arrived the Solid Rock, I set my eyes on the prize (if you know what I mean) and I was like, “It’s about to go down”.

Okay, for real now, back to the matter. The moment I arrived the Solid Rock and stepped my feet on the ground, there were monitors (older people in care of the campers) already waiting outside to welcome everyone on the bus with their loud giggles, wide smiles and chitty-chatter. So they more or less followed the bus till it stopped like the way gala guys follow a car in traffic. So much enthusiasm, it was quite welcoming.

Considering how the bus arrived the Rock later than scheduled, they were somewhat in a hurry for us to get to the auditorium for the opening ceremony which had already began. But then I had to register myself on the camp first which I didn’t, not immediately (actually, I went to do that second, because I had to do something else first and no, it wasn’t to “drop an album”).

So sha, after that thing, even before it, I started seeing more familiar faces, you know, people from the last year’s camp, so you can imagine how my mouth must have hurt from all the greetings and smiling.

Anyway, after everything, asper the whole event for the night, it was time for bed – the time I had been longing for (even though I slept all through the journey to Ogun State and during the opening ceremony for the most part) – so yeah, time for bed and guess what happened…my box hadn’t arrived the Rock. Imagine that. My box that had everything I needed for the night and the whole camp even. Take a look at me, “How would I lay my bed?”, “What pillow would I use?”, “What would I use to cover myself?”, I completely fell into an ocean of questions but I didn’t want to drown so I had to just bone and swim out. Thank God for my friend Tayo who offered me her extra bedsheet so that was what I used as the bed cover and body cover for myself. It was one cold, curled up night and that was day one into Sunday.

Whistle! Whistle! Whistle! One monitor was blowing one ridiculously loud whistle or maybe it was that loud because I was abruptly awoken from my sweet innocent sleep.


I mean, when did we sleep that she was waking us all up? I know I’ve been to camp twice and I know this always happens but then sleep is essential too.

After waking up, I was told that my box had arrived early in the morning but then, the morning rush didn’t give me the time to open it up and go out for aerobics so I just went in what I wore the previous day. So it was aerobics then morning devotion then we were assigned chores (yes, chores. The thing I run away from at home) before going for the ultimate rush of having a bath and then eating. Sunday happened pretty fast.

After the service, we all went into our various classes referred to as a syndicate rooms (which were more like gazebos) and we made introductions.

When all that was over, guess what came next? LUNCH!!!!


Everyone gets excited over food so I know you’re not surprised. I honestly don’t remember what we had for lunch but I know I ate it.

Siesta came after lunch, then sports after siesta, then freshen up after sports, then dinner after freshen up, then one event after dinner, then bed time after one event, then prayer if willing. This was the system and so it was all through camp until Saturday.

I don’t want you to start shedding tears because of the long gist I have for you. Honestly ehn, that is why sometimes I would rather talk with someone than write because we don’t really count the number of words we speak during every conversation we have neither do we really feel it’s length.

But this one, see, I’ve not even gone anywhere and you are already yawning and scanning the post. Mbok, read something. You are almost at the end, you can do it.

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So, as I was writing now, that was the system on camp every day – wake up, do aerobics, morning devotion, chores, bathe, breakfast, bible study, afternoon activity, lunch, siesta, sports, bathe, dinner, evening activity, sleep and pray. Systems can be good. In terms of being at the right place at the right time and other things like that.

But what made camp such a moment?

People.  Of course.

I met a lot of interesting people. People of my past, people in my present, people for my future and people all around. I had amazing and silly conversations. I smiled and laughed out loud. I sang and danced. I prayed. I did a whole lot of things. I enjoyed myself with Niyi, Andikan (with whom I go waaayyy back lol), Timmy, Ayo (with whom I go even way more back than back lol) and a whole lot of other people. Remember the love story I told you about lat year in reminisce?  Well…like I once said to some people – there are people who have love stories and there are those who have just stories. Maybe we can scratch that love story and call it a story now…or not. I choose not 😭😭😭😭

Well, camp was fun. Rather, it was a blend of drab and fab but it was totally worth it. It’s not every time I get to detach myself from “the world” so when there’s an opportunity as this camp? Why not?

As for pictures…


Let’s leave it at that 😂

But sha, I have a few…the things I do for you:

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Oh that bootay, bootay 😂😂😂

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Keying in our inner razz

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Formation featuring Niyi, Andikan and Timmy


I know you’re happy I’m back! I am too!

Refresh for the next post. I know you wouldn’t want to miss it. So, don’t!

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