There are two kinds of guys – ‘those guys’ and ‘thooosee guys’.

Okay, let me give you a pictorial description:

😂 alright, ‘those guys’ don’t always look like that but you get my drift.

It’s quite interesting and funny when “those guys” walk up to me to “toast” me. It’s only normal. I don’t give them the cold shoulder. After all, before they begin it’s not like I always know what they have to say. The upsetting part of it is when they begin the process and I state my being uninterested but they try to beg for my number or try to prolong the conversation that is clearly not working out. The funny part is when they use what they think are pick up lines and the struggle they go through to keep the non working conversation going.

I’m not against their actions neither do I look down on them but their approaches are zero. One thing though that I must say I really like about them is their boldness to walk up to me and pour their hearts’ out almost not minding the reaction they get from me – this is one thing “thooosee guys”lack.

You see, “thooosee guys” don’t try to “toast” they try to “set p” 😂. There is a difference. I’m certain. It’s as if toasting is without pride and it’s highkey while setting p is with pride and it’s lowkey.

It’s quite funny. The fact that a girl can see that a guy clearly wants to talk to her but now something is stopping him. What is stopping him?  Oh yeah! What if he walks up to the girl and she snobs him or she’s uninterested or she’s brain dead or she just did something that totally put him off? Well, we girls don’t quite know about all what goes on in a guy’s head – although I may know a few stuff (one post is coming up, wait)

Lol just take a look at my examples from “those guys” and ‘’thooosee guys” from my experiences, let me know if you’re seeing some relation:

1. AN AVERAGE OF “THOSE GUYS”: This is usually what happens when it comes to holding a conversation with a girl –

Most times, they begin with:

“Hey damsel”, “hi angel”, “wow, you look like princess gazelle” or the regular “hey girl” (and don’t forget that most times they try to add an accent to it lol)

Then they advance to:

“was just seeing you walking/standing and I said I gotta talk to this jewel”, “I wanna know you more”

And of course, they close with:

“So how’s it gonna be? Can I have your digits?”, “can I have your controls (phone number) – yes they go as far as saying controls, after all one guy said it to me.

Okay, let’s say as a girl you say no, so they begin to beg for it most times and say stuff like “it’s just a number girl, nothing more” ‘, ï just wanna have it as friends, I won’t disturb you” and the likes.

Now, this is just physical encounter talk. If it were via the internet ehn, oh no! I wonder which is funnier, like they type with an accent only them know.

The awkward thing about all this is, when it comes to physical encounter talk, some of those conversation starters aren’t all that tacky (coming from a “thooosee guys” lol) but they are – coming from “those guys” – so what is it? Is it that “those guys” lack delivery? I’m wondering.

2. AN AVERAGE OF “THOOOSEE GUYS”: This is usually what happens when it comes to holding a conversation with a girl:

So they try to be fancy, or smooth. Most times, they could begin with compliments, such as ‘’you have lovely eyes”, “nice hairdo” etc (it doesn’t have to be true not that it’s a lie).

Then they advance to:

“You seem to be waiting for someone, true?” “I’m _____, and you are?” etc. It depends on the environment they meet you in, but basically they build up the conversation according to circumstance most times.

Then they close with:

“really nice talking with you”, ‘’you’re not leaving without giving me your number or are you?”, “what do you say? I call or you call?” etc. Stuff like that so they make you just wanna throw that number out.

So what is it about “thooosee guys”?


Many months back I told someone (Let’s call him F) that a guard at the place I work was disturbing me saying “he wants to know me more and all”, he even went as far as getting my number – from the sign in records!! Imagine that!

F said to me, “why don’t you just answer the guy? Is it because he’s a guard? Or is that he’s not fine or fresh enough?”. See ehn I had nothing to say so I blurted out “he’s old and the next time he calls or disturbs me I will give him a piece of my mind or even report him”.

F then said to me “old? What if it were Dj Xclusive disturbing you, would he be old now? Or would you give him a piece of your mind and probably report him?”

Once again I had nothing to say because…I don’t know, there’s just this separation like – I can’t even find the words now, help me here lol it’s like some guys attract and some just repulse. It made me think.

Now, what separates “those guys” from “thooosee guys”? I’m about to guess here, dear guys and girls; correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s really not about status. It’s really not about looks (but you have to admit though, most times the most carefree guys have that “those guys” thing going on). I guess it’ll really be about delivery and exposure.

You see, “those guys” may have the right thing to say but they do not present them well thereby making them look like attention seekers or stalkers. While “thooosee guys” on the other hand may have the right words in most cases and they present them.

When it comes to exposure, it all lies on who the guys have met, who/what they’ve seen, where they grew up, their kind of friends etc and as we all know, all these are a part of a person’s communication skills.

Besides, some know how to deal with only one social class while some know how to deal with different social classes. This could be it don’t you think?


Nevertheless, we should be happy girls…don’t be cold to a guy who just wants to express himself no matter his approach, his looks or whatever.

At least it’ll make you know you are attractive. Don’t push your future husband away before you even know he’s your future husband.



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