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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, just have in mind that I’m not a fan of coffee but you cannot be having coffee alone.

I would tell you my reasons but first we’d have to decide on how we’re sitting. I know you may expect me to be polite (which I am) so I’d nicely ask you if I can sit on the chair that faces the entrance. There’s nothing I love more than that.

I would compliment you if you have anything worth complimenting, but if you don’t, well, imma just let my eyes codedly work but no judgment.

I’d begin with asking all about you because I find people’s background stories fascinating.

When you’re done, I’d continue with me. I’d tell you about anything and everything. You’d know I love talking so you’d just be staring. You’d be so awed, but I’d understand. It won’t be the first time.

We’d talk about interests and passions.

We’d talk about boys and girls.

Then we’d look around and talk about everyone in the same area with us.

We would have such a lovely time we just may become best friends.

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