Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. – Romans 12:18 (NLT)

Peace begins in you.

It’s a fruit of the spirit you should have. (See Galatians 5:22)

Being at peace with yourself, makes the way for you to be at peace with everyone around you.

Peace is more than just a hobby, it’s more like lifestyle.

In your bible you will find peace and promises of peace.

Once there was a farmer who realized that he had lost his watch in the barn. It was not an ordinary watch because he had some sentimental values attached to it. And we all know when it comes to sentiments, human become more serious. After searching high and low among the hay for a long while; he gave up and thought of taking help from a group of children, who were playing outside. The childrenhurried inside the barn, went through and around the entire stack of hay but still could not find the watch. Just when the farmer was about to give up, a little boy came  to him and asked to give him another chance. The farmer agreed and sent the little boy back into the barn alone. After a while the boy came out with the watch in his hand!

The farmer was both happy and surprised and so he asked the boy how he succeeded where therest had failed. The boy replied, “I did nothing but sit on the ground and listen. In silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and just looked  for it in that direction.” hence a peaceful mind can think better than a worked up and pre occupied mind.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7 (NLT)

You’ve got peace like a river in your soul.

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Story credit: wellbeingmantras



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