Dear Diary

A day in the sun

This is a picture post.



Not everyday work, sometimes play (okay, I play almost everyday). Sometimes play in a park then.

I always wanted to go to a park to just chill and take pictures so I decided to have a picnic today with my sisters and friends and wowza! I had fun.

Relaxing is such a beautiful thing. Breeze is such a beautiful thing. And nature is such a beautiful thing.

It’s true when they say the sun is the best filter (excluding that I was even too tired to edit any pictures).

Now to the best part…

I’m actually such a model but you see, nobody wants to scout me 😭😭😭 They all think that I’d make so much money that I’ll forget them.










So we chilled in Lufasi Nature park, Lekki.

It’s a park and an animal reserve. It’s really really massive and the animals are cute. Few but cute.

The area just seemed like an Africa Magic village movie. The stream, the wooden bridges, etc. Everything.

It’s one calm place and you should visit it when you’re around.


And bunnies!!!!!! Oooohhhhhh bunnieesssssses ❤❤❤❤❤
And bunnies!!!!!! Oooohhhhhh bunnieesssssses ❤❤❤❤❤

Today was totally worth it.

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