Don’t give up. Don’t you ever ever give up. That’s true. When it comes to your dreams and goals.

You see, growing up, you’re taught to believe that giving up is weak and shouldn’t even be an option. Almost every day you’re fed by information and messages on posters and commercials and social media posts that urge you to never stop chasing what you think you want and what you think you need. You’re told that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

They say figuring out what you want and what you need in life is complex enough, so having to imagine giving up on them is another a very big deal.

But is it really?

I don’t know why giving up has been made to be bad in all entirety. I mean, not every time keep pushing forward sometimes, give up and I don’t mean giving up on yourself or your dreams or your faith or the world either.

You’re allowed to give up…on texting someone (and a few other things like that). That’s a different ball game.

Let me tell you a short story. How did all this “give up” talk come about?

For a whole year now one guy has been texting me nonstop [and I haven’t been replying (let’s name him Olu)]. I met Olu a little bit over 8 years ago and we were just those casual acquaintances that’ll communicate maybe twice a year. Then somewhere in between we totally lost contact for about 3 years and now, last year we happened to bump into each other.

You know as per two people who kind of knew each other, when he asked for my number I tried to pull all my subtle “I don’t want to give you my number” stunts but it’s like he’s already locked target so sha we exchanged numbers all over again him.

I haven’t always not replied him. I never even wanted to chat with him. Lol I think girls would understand this better. I even mentioned once to him but he couldn’t be bothered he decided to go on. 

I think because he used to have a crush on me (and I think up till last year he still did) so that was one major reason I didn’t even want us chatting because I didn’t even have a C to the word ‘crush’ for him. As from last year, when he sends a message I’d reply because I do not like seeing messages unread but his patterns became the same and always led nowhere.

That’s when I stopped replying. I began reading and not replying but strangely…he kept sending messages.

One time like this I was so in awe, I couldn’t believe it. He sent me a message in the morning that read something like “Hey, good morning. How was your night?” I didn’t reply. In the afternoon, he sent, “how’s your day going?”. And in the evening…IN THE EVENING!!!! He sent, “Hope your day was good.”

See ehn, I was just staring at my phone. I really couldn’t believe it. Even without me replying? Nahhh, who am I to this guy? 😂😂 That wasn’t even the last time he did that. I’m like, if I was the one, I would have fashied the person I was texting long ago. Some signals are clear.

 If you are like Olu sometimes, what if you held on a little bit?

Have you ever stopped to think that there are some things constructed by the cosmic density proportion of the I don’t know what I’m saying again that prevent certain things from happening. It’s like…destiny. So what if you stop…for a while at least? You’re a human being.

You aren’t a robot programmed to always send a message everyday even without getting a reply. You are going to go through upset, anger, disgust and heartache over and over again.

You have to realize that some people teach us fundamental lessons by not responding.

Naturally, I believe there are some things in life that giving up would be the very best option to do.

All the time you’re spending on texting one person, some other person is dying to receive your messages. So why’re you getting so worked up over this one person?

So, go ahead and do it. Do the one thing that you were told not to ever do. Give up. Allow yourself get your former position. Give up. Don’t text that person again. 

This kind of giving up is necessary and healthy.

Then maybe, just maybe, the person will text you. You can then decide if you wish to turn the tables…or reply.

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