Dear Diary

Highlight to that holiday

This is a semi picture post.

Don’t ask me why that’s my featured image. It just makes so much sense I couldn’t help it.


School – that’s something I used to refer to in months but now I refer to it in three days.

My holiday was worth it. I enjoyed it. Although, two weeks ago, I got tired and started counting down days till school opens.

Now school is just chilling for me.

Am I excited? Yes! Will be happy to see the freshmen? Well…I’ll have to see them first.

Will I soon start saying, “school close already”? Oh, yes! But until then, I’m psyched.

Do I like my time table? I think so. I think I have a lot of free time but then the three units back to back, oh boy. Let me not forget that now I have classes that go all the way to 6pm, what a bummer.

Do I think some new changes are good? All I can say is – I will miss the days of unlimited WiFi.

Once again, will I be happy to see the freshmen? Well, a lot will change because of them but hey, I want my school to grow and I’m happy that’s happening.

So yeah, back to my holiday. It seemed long to everyone but it really isn’t. I did a lot of things, I don’t even remember all. I took a lot of pictures and I didn’t take a lot of pictures.

But to the pictures I took, let’s do a little bit of word to a few random pictures on the past days of my holiday.


This was where it all began. I had just closed for the session and I was about to begin my internship in a week. I was like heyyyyyyy summer, there’s an endless road to rediscover.


On set for Isoken the movie. I can’t even skip this day. This was one of my longest days ever.
Not to forget I stood till I could stand no more. My feet hurt and I was so hungry that when food came, I had no appetite.
So this was one of my days at work. Headed out to lunch, stopped for a quick picture.
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
My hair. My beautiful hair I never got to show you. Forgive me.


This day. It wasn’t by force to go to the beach. Someway, somehow, we hustled our way and squeezed out all our cash. Ib, Chuka and I
Same day. Tammy and Kennedy managed to be in this picture. Who you don’t see is Thompson, Fifo, Wycliffe etc hey, it was also Chuka’s birthday.
Oh Solid camp. What an experience. Niyi, Andikan, Timi and I. We were like that squad that rules all squads.
Another long day. I slept. It rained. Hunger got so hungry it almost ate me.
This day. We had a shoot. What we call a DIY shoot.
When your mom takes you pictures you just have to be happy.
Okay and this is me happy and content with my break.
One. Funny. Day. At the elite model look with Dami and Ayo
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
If only I could upload the video of this day. Well, Brymo’s concert was fun .

More beautiful days are on the way. More beautiful school days and holidays.

Someone once told me he’s excited I’m going back to school so he’d get to watch all my interesting and funny school videos on Snapchat. Funny thing is, he wasn’t the first to say that. I’m just there like, am I really? Do I really have such funny videos? 😂

Okay, follow me on Snapchat: @ShariieeMauve

Since school is resuming, I just may bring back snapshot stories but that will depend on what you want.

Pray me all the best this new session. Don’t worry, I’ll still be your sweet girl. I’ll try, I’ll really try to keep up with our new schedule…or maybe, I just may have a contributing writer.

This session, I’m going green because I can’t have any blue days.

You’d soon know what I mean 😉

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