Here’s a flowergraph of me 😊



(ˈæb səns)


1. the state of being away or not being present.
2. a period of being away: an absence of several weeks.
3. failure to attend or appear when expected.
4. lack; deficiency: the absence of proof.
5. inattentiveness; preoccupation; absent-mindedness:absence of mind.
(Collins English Dictionary)
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. When something is away from you, you seem to want it more.
I’ve been away from posting. As I haven’t posted, the more I wanted to post. And here we are.
This may happen quite often now (I’ll try my best so it doesn’t) yes, I know, I should have scheduled posts during the holiday. But sometimes, that’s not how this posting thing works.
A new school year = different kind of work = more work = possible infrequent posts.
But don’t worry, everything is not what it seems.
Here’s an update:
Soooo, I finally started school on Monday and truly, the number of people are overwhelming compared to the former.
People, people, people and more people.
Accents and fake accents flying up and down, looks, stares and side talks. Hi, hey and what’s up. Ooohhh, I’m in for one new session. I’m ready.
As for my new class, I find it…one kind. There’s no service in my class!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even one bar!!!! Like that’s the only reason and I’m screaming that out loud.
I don’t know if it’s God’s way of getting me to listen 100% in class because I can’t even be falling asleep. I’m praying that even if it’s just three bars, I will see it. I can connect to the WiFi quite alright, but I don’t want my battery running down faster + the WiFi has even been crap.

Anyway, so far my classes have been good. I think Thursday is the worst day for classes because there’s no break in between but 10 minutes each. As for every other day, it’s quite fair. I already have assignments – yeah, they’re forward like that.

I think I already have my favourite courses but imma see how the semester plays out.

School has started off on a good one. I just pray it stays that way.

So why is my title “jejely slipping”?

😂😂😂 I wore a slip dress and  jellies today.


As for the other random days…





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