There’s a feeling that comes with being close to the end. It’s like that feeling when you’re so pressed and your bladder is about to explode. You may be able to sustain when you’re far from where you can be at ease. But when you’re close by and you’re aware you’re close by, it seems like you’re about to let it all out.

Calm down.

You’re close to the end but not at the end. It’s exciting. But don’t rush it all. You’ll reach the end and you’d reach well.

There’s still time.

You have time to do what you haven’t done. This thing called life is a journey, it’s a process. It’s a cycle. Things happen and don’t happen.

November is the month to take your time. Explore the details. Look for what’s missing. Look for ways to fix it.

It’s a happy month. It reminds me that my birthday is in two months now. It reminds me that I’m moving forward.

I pray you have a happy November. Don’t worry. Lines will fall in perfect places for you.



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