LFDW 2016: Scraps of the other side

To disappoint a person is to tell them to stay away. To  appreciate them is to draw them nearer.

This may be a picture post.

For some strange reasons, I haven’t been able to publish this post. There are some posting powers that have tried to stop my posting progress but hey, they were unsuccessful.


I was wondering if I should write this in the form of “snapshot stories” or not. So I settled with a little bit of both.

Last week the Lagos Fashion and Design Week event was concluded and I was a part of it. You see that picture up there? That’s my best best description of the whole event in summary.

Let me begin from how I got to be a part of it.

A few weeks ago, while I was making my daily rounds on Instagram, I stumbled upon a post by lfdw calling for interns. I’ve wanted to attend lfdw some day but being too busy made me always skip “till the next year”. This time was different. I wasn’t as busy as I’d always been plus, I wasn’t gonna pay for attending the show *wink* win win.

It seemed like a good deal so I sent in a one-paragraph essay on why I wanted to intern (it was their requirement). Last last I got selected as one of the interns (lol else I wouldn’t be writing this post).

That’s how I got to be a part of it.


Fashion week began on Wednesday the 26th to end Saturday the 29th of October. I was given the position of front house. I had no idea how tasking that position was. You know, for a moment, I thought the interns who were assigned ‘dressers’ backstage had a more tasking job. But neeeehh, it’s not easy facing a guest that looks you into the eyes and says he’ll “just pick you up and throw you out” – and he wasn’t the only one like that.

The first day wasn’t that bad. You know, first calmness. The other days that followed were a hot mess. From the people to the venue to the time to everything!

You know what, interning at lfdw was totally not how I envisioned it. Lfdw as a whole in fact was not how I envisioned it. I had seen the pictures online and it seemed like an event that should be worth it but it isn’t so much.

I mean, I love the platform. I love the idea of it that’s why I even chose to be a part of it by deliberately skipping school   . I admire Omoyemi Akerele. But some operations and modes of work need to change.

To disappoint a person is to tell them to stay away. To  appreciate them is to draw them nearer.

My advice: If you plan on going into the fashion industry in Nigeria or anywhere in the world in the future (just as I am), before you get there, you’re better off on the inside. So yes, intern. Do as many fashion related internships as possible. It doesn’t matter how long they are. For instance, this was just four days but what my eyes saw, ears heard and hands almost did ehn, wordscannot explain just expressions. This was like an eye opener. Things are better seen on the inside for more insight and understanding.

That’s that about that.

On the brightest side, I got to be friends with a number of cool people including celebrities. Soooooooooo, enough talkie, more lookie. Here’s to a few random (clear and unclear) pictures I managed to take because I was way too busy to properly make use of my own phone.









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