Every girl has a strong woman in her.

So find her and never let her go.

– Aiseosa. O aka Iced Tea (The name I call her.)

Those were the truest words I had heard all day.

I don’t quite remember all I was saying as we sat in the room upstairs but I know I was thinking out loud to the accompaniment of It’s all coming back to me by Celine Dion and Born to Die by Lana Del Rey  in the background, as played by Madonna aka Maddie B.

While I was mumbling and rumbling and bambling, Aiseosa just shouted out loud, “Every girl has a strong woman in her. So find her and never let her go.” – OHHHH yessss, I caught it. It was like throwing me back into my body. At that moment it felt right.

She was actually making sense. Oh wow, Aiseosa was making sense. Lol not that she doesn’t make sense on a regular day but bleehhhhh

That was one mood booster that stuck.

Oh yeah, she also took these pictures of me (she was trying out her photography skills that aren’t even there, pfftt). I have to let you know before she will come and give me rotten cake on my birthday (JANUARY 25TH).




As at last week I was really convinced that I needed to lock my blog for a while because of the many many events happening in my life and the “mental clutter”.

The truth is there is actually a lot on my mind like ocean waves and there is a lot to be done. But my blog is one of my happy places 😭

After all, it’s not like I’m having an exam or anything. So I’m back 😂😂😂 I know it took only a few days (or a day) but a whole month??? Whattt!!! It’s not that serious.

I know. I was dramatic. I just needed to figure out a few things.

You know what I figured? It’s easier to neglect a blog when you don’t plan to. But when you plan to it’s not quite. Like I could neglect it when I went camping because hey, I was deviceless. That’s different. Such things like that have to come in place.


So why did I decide to come back?

I decided to turn all that’s happening into posts as they happen (meaning I may be having a mini ‘snapshot stories’ again and all those other oddities) and also I’ve been taking photography & videography as a course in school.

It has been shacking me aka sweeting me aka e dey tanda my body to just take pictures anyhow – yes, now I have a camera too (something like that) – and also, may I brag? George Osodi and Joel Benson are my facilitators 😭😭😭

I want to show off my skills. My assignments. My documentaries. Shaa all the work I will be doing while this course is ongoing and maybe I may fall in love with it.

You know, I was thinking. Maybe I should add a category titled ‘School’ to share my assignments and class works (only the good ones lol okay or both) with you. Good idea or nah?

Let me know what you think.


During my short break, thank you for sticking by. All of you who messaged and seriously asked what was going on (I don’t want to be like the boy who cried wolf 😭) I’ll only make such announcements for really serious matters.

Thank you for caring and expecting and reading.

I’m here again. I’ll be posting a new posts schedule soon.


Love you all x

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