A ‘degree of separation’ is a measure of social distance between people. So it’s like friends of friends of friends eg. you are one degree away from someone you know and two degrees away from someone they know and it goes on and on and on.

It all began with a short story.

Okay, before I go on let me start from my beginning. My first contact with this phrase was sometime in 2014 (if I’m not wrong). I don’t quite remember the series that led to it but my brother was the one I heard it from and he gave me a brief description of what it was. Then after, I went to look it up for myself and I thought it really fascinating.
I’m going to give you a fast forward version so I’ll put it in the simplest way possible and then you too can go an look it up if you’re not satisfied.

Alright. Back to the short story.

Once upon a time a certain writer proposed a theory that everyone in this world (earth) is connected someway, somehow,  by no more than 5 (at the least) to 7 (at the most) people in between. It doesn’t mean it’s some blood relationship or connection. Pfftt don’t get ahead of yourself 🙄😒

Of course, this was strange, so some people decided to prove the theory with mathematics. Sadly, they weren’t quite convinced to their hearts’ content with the results they got.


Then came a package.

Some researchers decided to test this theory. They got a bunch of random people and told them to send out packages to different people in a certain state. They sent it to people who knew people on a first name basis and so on. Basically, these packages were sent out to be sent out again, until it gets to the original recipient.

A few of the packages got to the original recipient, some got to the state where the original recipient was and the others just shared a profession with the original recipient. You can see how close that was.

The six degrees of separation are not quite proven yet, but some mini experiments have been successful (you can try yours too) and it’s a really cool theory to come across.

It’s like one other theory that states that everyone you meet in your life has been in the same environment as you at one point in time of your life.


So imagine, in a world of over 7  billion people you may know Zendaya or Naomi Campbell beyond the television, maybe in the sixth degree.

You  know, that’s why Facebook, Twitter and the likes keep suggesting “people you may know” even when we don’t even know them.

It’s a small world indeed.

Look it up.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this song by the script. It’s an oldie but a goodie. There’s no connection here lol but hey, it’s the same title as this post and it’s a nice song. The title should have been more like the “six degrees of a an almost broken relationship”. It could make you feel like you are/were in a relationship you don’t even have.


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