Live while you live

Anthropology class yesterday was eye opening. It almost always is. I mean, it makes me wonder. That’s one of my favorite courses this semester.
It’s a regular course but it’s just more like a “how to live a good life” type of course.

Human fulfilment.

That was the topic that sat boldly on the the projector board. “What is human fulfilment?”, my facilitator asked. Almost everyone wanted to speak.
One said a life with God, another said achieving your goals, another said conscience at rest, another added will at rest, someone said destiny, one said love, I said contentment and that’s just how the answers were thrown out.

But truly, what is human fulfilment?
It is something without a definite meaning because it cuts across a lot of things. Yet, it isn’t subjective.

I just sat through that class actively and attentively listening. That just put a lot in my head, including this post.

Lol you know we all have those times our minds wander after grasping something. That’s how I was just thinking “post, post, post”. I legit wrote this post in my head, start to finish before actually writing it.

We’re powerful like that.

How to make the best out of life:

Everything in life tends towards a source:

As human beings, our ultimate goal is to be happy. That’s is why we do things that lead to out happiness. We just want to be happy in all entirety. We want to attain full and perfect happiness.
That isn’t quite possible when you live a world as crazy as this one but you can steadily be on the path to happiness and be comfortable.

Balance is one principal thing. It is very possible put your focus on more than one thing. Don’t put all your focus on one thing to the detriment of other things. There is a life to live out here asides the life you live in there. Learn to prioritize. Put things on levels.

As is written, “Owe no man nothing but peace”. When people get on your nerves, just get them off in the most peaceful way. As Selena Gomez said, “Kill them with kindness”. Nothing hurts more than that – if you so badly need to get back at them. Don’t live the hated one or the hateful one.

You will fail at certain things. You will make wrong decisions. You will be caught up in negative situations. You will wish you never had certain things. But love yourself. That’s the only way you can love others.

Forgive yourself. Move on. Your life is in your blood and for as long as it runs through your veins, you can always start over. Forget about age. You might be old in flesh but your soul is young. That’s what moves you.

Be authentic. Don’t let people deceive you. Don’t let people make decisions for you. Don’tbr ashamed to do your thing. Do your thing…it’s your thing!

This is the most key point. If playing is for children, be a child for this one reason. You need those endorphins and more every now and then.

These things seem hard but they really aren’t. Live while you live. Live your life to the fullest.

Sharon Ntan 19before97



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