Dear Diary

Currently: 8000



Hello everyone,

I’m excited.

Not just because my birthday is on January 25th (which is in about 5 days) but also because it turns out that you all total 8000 – and you who just came for the first time are a plus.

Thank you for stopping by every time you do.

This means that currently…we are 8000! In the 8000s.

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Now, I would be sharing a few of my current things:

Current hair: Purple and blue cornrows

Sharon Ntan coloured hair

Currently wearing: Multicoloured striped croptop with black net vest on blue jeans with white and yellow shoes


Current fave lip colour: Purple

Current fave accessory: My “JC IS MY BFF” badge. I wear it on almost everything now.

Sharon Ntan's badge


Currently watching: A lot of series. Black Mirror, Blacklist, The crown, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Crazy ex girlfriend, you’re the worst, Orphan black, Unreal.

Currently admiring: This dress 😍😍😍 

Ayo will get it for me.


Wish right now: Gift boxes filled with apparel from Delpozo, Sophia Webster, Betsey Johnson, Public desire and Missguided.

Currently determined to: Make this blog happen (I think)

Currently craving: Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Like 200.

Currently finding exciting: Making videos and dancing
Currently happy about: Being born into my family
Currently anticipating: My birthday and my graduation from university 😭
Currently inspired by: Butterflies, Solange, Elaine Welteroth
Currently planning to: Go to fashion school for a short course later this year and buy a camera.
Currently loving: My friends.
Currently regretting: Eating one spaghetti yesterday.
Currently unsure about: What I’d do on my birthday.
Currently reading: Books related to my course.
Currently  listening on repeat: So long bye by Jonathan Nelson and All time low by Jon Bellion



Sharon Ntan 19before97



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