I’ve been researching for this assignment I have due tomorrow. While I was in the process, I stumbled across a text featuring Blaise Pascal and Nicolas Malebranche again and this time, I said I was going to let you in on my contribution to his words + his words – so it’s like a blend.

Read my modified extract on believing in the existence of God:

God exists.

“It is the heart which feels God, and not reason.” There are many things reason does not know or understand but which the heart knows, for “the heart has its own reason which reason itself does not understand.”

But many people are uncertain about God’s existence, and are therefore skeptical. Consequently, they cannot make up their minds whether or not to believe in God. In the long run it is better and more advantageous for you to believe in God than not to believe in God.

We are faced with a choice between believing in God and not believing in Him. How do we know God exists? We have an idea of an infinite being. This idea could not have come from us since we are finite beings and therefore cannot be the authors of an infinite idea. The idea of God as an infinite being necessarily implies that He exists, and we cannot think of Him as not existing – even this excludes all the miracles and visions and works of God that we experience evidently in our lives. (Malebranche)

God exists just as the sun exists and more but if you think He doesn’t – you’re responsible for what you believe. 

It’s one thing to know He exists and another to believe.

Believing in God therefore and committing yourself to Him seems like a risk if you are not sure he exists.

The truth is — If you believe in God and His existence then you win all (because God is infinite and can provide all you desire) happiness + eternal life. If you don’t believe,  yet He exists, you lose all.

It is therefore more prudent, safer and advantageous to believe in God than to not believe in Him. 

You may think it’s a risk  because “what if he doesn’t exist?” but He does and if at all it’s a risk then it’s a risk worth taking considering that if you gain you gain everything whereas if you lose you lose nothing.


Sharon Ntan 19before97


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